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Aid to Ukraine and more: EU outlines summit agenda

Aid to Ukraine and more: EU outlines summit agenda Charles Michel, President of the European Council (Getty Images)

During the European Union summit scheduled for October 26-27, leaders of member countries will discuss accelerating the provision of military aid to Ukraine and the use of frozen Russian assets, according to an invitation letter sent by Charles Michel, President of the European Council, to the heads of state and government of EU countries.

"Our meeting comes at a time of great global instability and insecurity, exacerbated most recently by developments in the Middle East. These developments require our immediate attention, without distracting us from our continued support to Ukraine," the letter states.

Michel notes that support for Ukraine will continue for as long as it takes. He also called for specific measures to expedite aid, make progress in plans for using frozen Russian assets, and intensify diplomatic efforts to secure international support for a "comprehensive, just, and lasting peace."

The future meeting, according to the European Council President, may provide recommendations for revising the multi-year financial framework.

"Following the principle that nothing is agreed until everything is agreed, we need to take a critical look at our most pressing needs, identify our priorities and decide how to finance them," Michel added.

Among other topics for discussion are:

  • Enhancing economic competitiveness.
  • Migration.
  • The situation in the Sahel.
  • Pristina-Belgrade relations.
  • The situation in the South Caucasus.

EU military aid to Ukraine

The European Union plans to train 40,000 Ukrainian soldiers by the end of 2023. Currently, the EU is working on the Ukraine Facility for the period 2024-2027, and it is expected that this work will be completed by the end of the current year.

Additionally, the head of EU diplomacy, Josep Borrell, recently called for lasting military support for the country.