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'Acting like pirates' - Philippines accuses China of destroying boats

'Acting like pirates' - Philippines accuses China of destroying boats Photo: A Scandal erupts between the Philippines and China (flickr by Via Tsuji)
Author: Daryna Vialko

The Chinese Coast Guard robbed and sank Philippine boats in the South China Sea this week, stated the Philippine military leadership, according to Bloomberg.

According to the head of the Western Command of the Philippine Armed Forces, Alfonso Torres, Chinese Coast Guard personnel boarded Philippine rubber boats during Manila's mission to supply a military outpost on the Second Thomas Shoal on Monday, June 17.

“The firearms (which were on the boats - ed.) were looted,” Torres said.

He specified that the Chinese Coast Guard also "deliberately punctured" the Philippine rubber boats using knives and other sharp objects.

"They have no right or legal authority to hijack our operations and destroy Philippine vessels operating within our exclusive economic zone,” Philippine military chief Romeo Brawner said.


On June 18, the Philippine Task Force in the South China Sea reported that China had deliberately damaged Philippine boats that were in the South China Sea.

In response, Beijing claimed that the Philippine boats intentionally approached a Chinese vessel, resulting in a collision.