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8 mysterious places in Ukraine for enthusiasts of mysticism

8 mysterious places in Ukraine for enthusiasts of mysticism Top of the most mystical places in Ukraine (collage: RBC-Ukraine)
Author: Liliana Oleniak

Many tourist locations in Ukraine attract a special category of travelers - seekers of mysticism. Of course, you can not believe in stories about ghosts and supernatural phenomena, but it is worth seeing places from our selection.

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Tarakaniv Fort in Rivne region

Tarakaniv Fort, which is also called Dubno Outpost Fort, is a defensive structure, an architectural monument of the 19th century. It was built on the border of the Austrian and Russian empires. Ironically, the military structure did not take part in any serious battle. The fort itself was not a very favorable place for storing military supplies, as the humidity in this area is high. So the pledge quickly fell into disrepair and began to crumble.

Local legends claim that during the Second World War, the Nazis conducted human experiments here. Now the building is in a dilapidated state. Lovers of mysticism come here, as the place has a really creepy look. Tourists can go into the dilapidated tunnels, but it is dangerous because you can fall. One death was recorded.

8 mysterious places in Ukraine for enthusiasts of mysticismRuins of Tarakaniv fort (photo: Wikipedia)

Pidhirtsi Castle in Lviv region

Pidhirtsi Castle is an architectural monument of the late Renaissance and Baroque eras. It was built in 1635-1640 for Hetman Stanislav Koniecpolsky. Now the castle is open for tourists.

The legend of the ghost of the White Lady is connected with Pidhirtsi castle. Apparently, one of the owners bricked his young wife alive into the wall. Since then, the ghost of the White Lady has been restless, so she periodically appears to people.

In 2010, the team of the Battle of Psychics project came to Pidhoretskyi Castle, which discovered paranormal activity. The American group Ghostbusters also studied paranormal phenomena there. So lovers of mysticism will definitely like this place.

8 mysterious places in Ukraine for enthusiasts of mysticismLegend says the ghost of the White Lady lives in Pidhirtsi Castle (photo: Wikipedia)

Lysa Mountain in Kyiv

Lysa Gora is the most mystical place in Kyiv, located southwest of Vydubychi on the right bank of the Lybid River, between Telychka, Saperna Slobidka and Bahrynova Mountain.

Ancient legends of the capital claim that it was here that witches gathered for the Sabbath, and now it is a favorite gathering place of neo-pagans, Tolkienists, and representatives of youth subcultures.

Since 1906, 'state criminals' were executed on gallows on the northern part of the mountain. The executioner buried the bodies of the executed near the gallows. Today you can still see the dug graves.

8 mysterious places in Ukraine for enthusiasts of mysticismLysa Mountain in Kyiv (photo: Wikipedia)

Odesa catacombs

Odessa catacombs are a network of artificially created underground labyrinths that are almost 200 years old. Most of them are quarries from which building stones were mined. Their history began in the 1830s.

The catacombs are almost 2.5 thousand km long. This is one of the largest underground labyrinths on the planet. Despite the fact that this place is clearly creepy, many tourists willingly go down into the underground labyrinths. The depth of these quarries ranges from 4 to 30-35 m.

Tourists often get lost in these catacombs. For example, in January of this year, four people got lost there, but fortunately they were found. However, not everyone manages to get out of the dungeon.

8 mysterious places in Ukraine for enthusiasts of mysticism

Odesa catacombs (photo: Wikipedia)

Hitler's Werewolf headquarters in Vinnytsia

Hitler's Werwolf headquarters was located 8 km north of Vinnytsia. Military operations on the Eastern Front were to be managed from here.

It was a multi-storey complex. The central area housed the Gestapo, a telephone exchange, a dining hall, a swimming pool, and residential buildings for generals and senior staff officers. There was also a room for Hitler and two underground bunkers on the territory.

The complex had 80 ground facilities and several bunkers. Buildings were built for 5,000 Soviet prisoners of war, who were then killed.

Hitler visited this place three times. Researchers believe that this place was chosen by the Nazis based on the advice of 400 magicians, psychics and astrologers. Paranormal investigators claim that Werewolf is an extremely dangerous place because of its aura.

8 mysterious places in Ukraine for enthusiasts of mysticismHitler's Werwolf Stake (photo: Wikipedia)

Stone village in Zhytomyr region

The stone village is located in the village of Rudnya-Zamyslovytska in the Zhytomyr region. This is a complex of giant stones, scientists still cannot establish their origin.

The stones are shaped like houses and even a church, they all seem to form a village. According to the main theory, these stones could have been brought by a glacier.

Local legend says that there was once a real village on this place. Once the Lord came to the peasants and asked for food, but they threw him only stale edges. God got angry and turned the village into stones.

8 mysterious places in Ukraine for enthusiasts of mysticismStone village (photo: Wikipedia)

Lake of ghosts in Khmelnytskyi region

In the village of Khropotova, in the Khmelnytskyi region, there is a lake called Viknyna, which does not freeze even in the most severe frosts. However, even local residents do not risk swimming in it. According to legends, this lake is a window to another world, hence its name.

So lovers of mysticism often go to Lake Viknyna to see it with their own eyes.

8 mysterious places in Ukraine for enthusiasts of mysticism

Lake Viknyna (photo:

Stone grave near Zaporizhzhia

The Stone grave is a world monument of ancient culture in the village of Myrne, near Melitopol. Many petroglyphs dating back to XXIV-XXII thousand BC have been preserved on the fireplace. e. to the X-XIII centuries. The stone grave served as a temple during the times of the Cimmerians, Scythians, Sarmatians, Huns, Goths, Pechenegs, Khazars and Polovtsians.

This area has a special energy, radio pulses with a frequency of 5 Hz are recorded around it. Also, the equipment often fails here.

Unfortunately, the Stone grave is currently under Russian occupation.

8 mysterious places in Ukraine for enthusiasts of mysticism

Stone grave (photo: Wikipedia)