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8 bathroom items that need regular cleaning or immediate disposal

8 bathroom items that need regular cleaning or immediate disposal Illustrative photo (Photo: Freepik)
Author: Daria Shekina

In the bathroom, there are items that need to be regularly cleaned, but often no one does it. Moreover, some of them cannot be used for a long time, according to the Better Homes & Gardens website.

Brushes and combs

These items accumulate not only hair but also dust, dirt, and various hair products. It is necessary to remove excess hair from the comb every day and wash it with soap. In particular, an old toothbrush can be used to clean the brush, making it easy and thorough.

Bath mats

These mats are constantly wet from everyone's feet. They need to be washed in a washing machine regularly, at least once a month, to avoid microbes.

Loofah sponge

Over time, loofah sponges accumulate a lot of bacteria. Even a loofah sponge made of natural material should be replaced once a month. To keep loofah sponges clean, they need to be cleaned every week by soaking them in a diluted bleach solution for 5 minutes.

Toilet brush

Remove dirt from the toilet brush using a solution of hot water and a few caps of bleach in a bucket. After an hour, remove and rinse with hot water. While most people clean the toilet brush itself, they forget about the holder. The toilet brush holder accumulates a lot of dirt.

Toilet flush button

It is important not to forget about the flush button, as it harbors many microbes. Clean it thoroughly when cleaning the toilet.

Makeup brushes

Facial breakouts can be caused not only by stress or hormonal imbalance but also by dirty makeup brushes. After each use, wash them with unscented soap or baby soap.

When the brushes are dry, store them as far away from water splashes in the cabinet or drawer to keep them as dry as possible.

Soap dispenser

Residues from toothpaste may remain on the soap dispenser. Wash it with warm water and a few drops of dishwashing liquid.

Shaving blades

Blades should be periodically discarded, especially if rust stains appear on them. Experts say that to keep the razor clean, it should be washed after each use and wiped with alcohol using a cotton swab.