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7 unexpected things that can cause sudden hair loss

7 unexpected things that can cause sudden hair loss What are the causes of hair loss (Photo: Freepik)

Hair loss can be unpleasant, especially when the cause is unknown. Hair condition is affected by both external and internal factors - dry air, frost, scorching sun, frequent dyeing, poor diet, hormones, etc.

Here are several unexpected things that can cause hair loss, according to the Best Life Online website.

Vitamin deficiency

If there is sudden hair loss, you should pay attention to your diet. This is because vitamin deficiency is quite a common cause of hair loss or thinning.

Dermatologist Zein Obagi, MD, stated that a balanced diet is crucial for healthy hair growth. A deficiency of certain nutrients, such as insufficient intake of iron, zinc, biotin, or protein, can affect the hair follicles' ability to produce new hair.

Adding targeted supplements to the diet can help strengthen hair health and reduce the risk of hair loss.

Most people should be able to get the necessary vitamins and minerals through a balanced diet.

Extreme or sudden diets can deprive the body of essential nutrients, including those crucial for maintaining healthy hair growth.


Filler injections used to eliminate wrinkles and create a younger appearance can also cause hair loss.

When medications are injected into subcutaneous tissues, the small volume of fluid injected can cause pressure on blood vessels, blocking blood flow to nearby hair follicles.

This is most commonly observed after an injection in the forehead area. This type of hair loss often disappears within a few months.

Hyaluronic acid and botox injections are two popular types that, in rare cases, can lead to hair loss.


Emotional and physical stress can also disrupt the normal hair growth cycle, leading to hair loss.

When a person experiences a significant life event, emotional stress, or physical trauma, their body can divert energy away from hair growth, resulting in temporary hair loss.

Side effects of medications

Medications can also be a cause of hair loss. In such cases, it is worth consulting a doctor to determine alternative options or mitigate the consequences.

Hair loss can be an unintended side effect of certain medications, such as chemotherapy drugs, antidepressants, or hormone treatments. These medications can disrupt the hair growth cycle or cause telogen effluvium.

Certain hairstyles

Certain hairstyles that excessively strain hair follicles, such as tight ponytails or braids, can lead to traction alopecia. Constant pulling can weaken hair strands, causing them to break or fall out.

Dry shampoos and chemical treatments

Experts warn that some hair products can also contribute to hair loss. In particular, some dermatologists caution against frequent use of dry shampoos, as they can lead to bacteria buildup on the scalp, causing inflammation.

Some people develop acne on inflamed areas of the scalp. As a result, hair can fall out in patches.

Chemical treatments, including hair straighteners, have also been found to cause hair loss.

Hormonal changes

Hormonal fluctuations can play a significant role in hair loss. Pregnancy, childbirth, menopause, and conditions such as polycystic ovary syndrome can cause hormonal imbalance, affecting the hair growth cycle.

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