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7 phrases used by confident people: Test yourself

7 phrases used by confident people: Test yourself Illustrative photo (Photo:
Author: Daria Shekina

True self-confidence comes from within. It manifests in our gestures and in what we say to others. There are simple phrases that confident people typically use, reports the Hack Spirit website.

"I'm proud"

Psychologists say that when people use the phrase "I'm proud," they acknowledge their own achievements. Therefore, you are brave enough if you can rise and say what you are proud of, even if some people may laugh at you.

In any case, it takes some courage to stand up and say that you're proud of something.

"I deserve"

Sometimes you can hear someone saying that they deserve something in life.

"When I use this phrase, wow, I feel empowered. I feel worthy, I feel confident. I feel like I’m not settling for less," experts say.

"I'm ready to try something new"

Often people want to try something new but hesitate because it seems too difficult.

Psychologists say that you need to be very brave to try something new and openly declare it.

"I'm grateful for"

When a person learns to be grateful for small things, they will feel self-assured in a way they've never felt before.

When you learn to be grateful for the little things, you will feel good. This way of thinking will completely change your attitude towards yourself and your life.

"I value your opinion, but I think differently"

This is a respectful but straightforward phrase that acknowledges the other person's point of view but also shows that the person is confident in their own ideas.

"I focus on my strengths and work on eliminating weaknesses"

A person with low self-esteem usually doesn't acknowledge their strengths.

A person who uses such a phrase demonstrates a growth mindset, aiming to become the best version of themselves.

"Tell me more about it"

Instead of constantly imposing their own opinion on someone, confident people listen carefully to their conversation partner. If they don't understand something, they sincerely try to do so. And for that, they ask for explanations instead of pretending they understand everything.

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