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7 out of top 10 world's cleanest beaches located in Europe

7 out of top 10 world's cleanest beaches located in Europe Photo: Beach on Cyprus (

Those who choose a resort for their vacation should pay attention to the list of the cleanest beaches in the world. Here are 7 locations in Europe out of the top ten, according to

How top 10 most ecological beaches in the world selected

The choice of vacation destination for Tripadvisor users is influenced by factors such as ecological friendliness and contribution to the environment. Therefore, travelers recommend beaches that fit into the concept of sustainable development – from calm family-friendly waters to popular party spots. In practice, this means that vacationers will see clear water, clean sand, and the development of ecological initiatives.

Tripadvisor publishes a ranking of the best beaches in the world every year. This year, European destinations top the list. For the first time this year, the ranking also includes a category of the most ecological beaches.

The tourism company BeCause provided data on beaches awarded the prestigious Blue Flag between May 2023 and April 2024. This award signifies their cleanliness and safety. The ranking compilers took into account positive reviews mentioning terms such as "environmentally friendly," "ecotourism," and "clean water" over the past 12 months.

7 out of top 10 world's cleanest beaches located in EuropePhoto: Beach in Greece (

Among the 10 best such beaches, seven European ones made it to the rating.

First place: Sandbanks Beach in UK

This British location topped the list of the most ecological beaches in the Tripadvisor ranking. The beach has maintained its Blue Flag distinction for over 30 years – longer than any other beach in the country.

The European Commission previously praised this region for its high cleanliness standards. Tourists describe the beach as clean and tidy. A team of voluntary litter pickers cleans the coastline.

This place is perfect for children – you can build sandcastles without the risk of digging up litter. There is even a children's playground right behind the beach for kids to run around and play.

Sandbanks Beach is located on a small peninsula that crosses the mouth of Poole Harbour. It takes about 4 hours to reach London by train. You can also travel by bus or ferry.

You can enjoy a beautiful natural location year-round, although the peak season is typically in the summer when you can sunbathe.

7 out of top 10 world's cleanest beaches located in EuropePhoto: Sandbanks Beach on a small peninsula (

Warm shallow waters of Galissas Beach in Greece

The tranquil bay on the western coast of the Greek island of Syros ranked fifth in the Tripadvisor ranking. The beach is nestled between high cliffs. It's an ideal spot for snorkeling with calm shallow waters that allow you to stay waist-deep at a considerable distance from the shore.

Tourists praise the clean, clear water as well as good accessibility for people with disabilities. After relaxing on the beach, you can head to the village to sample unique dishes at local tavernas. You can admire the view from the Chapel of Santa Pakú or visit the ancient ruins of Galissas.

You can reach Galissas Beach by bus from the island's capital, Ermoupolis. The journey takes about 30 minutes.

7 out of top 10 world's cleanest beaches located in EuropePhoto: Galissas Beach on the Greek island of Syros (

Nissi Beach in Cyprus – party atmosphere and white sand

In Ayia Napa resort in Cyprus, there is a popular 500-meter stretch of sandy beach called Nissi Beach. It has been awarded the Blue Flag for its cleanliness. Nearby is a small island, Nissi Island, which is easily accessible on foot through shallow waters. This beach ranks 6th in the Tripadvisor ranking.

Nissi Beach is known as one of the most picturesque in Cyprus. Its eastern side is quiet and peaceful compared to the western side, which is famous for its nightlife.

You can reach the location from Larnaca Airport by bus – the distance is approximately 35 km. Or by bus from Ayia Napa.

7 out of top 10 world's cleanest beaches located in EuropePhoto: Nissi Beach in Cyprus (

Other beaches that made it to the top 10 cleanest

Seven out of 10 of the most environmentally clean beaches are in Europe: in the UK, Greece, Cyprus, Malta, and Spain.

In third place is Saundersfoot Beach in Wales, Mellieha in Malta is in 7th place, followed by Myrtos Beach in Greece (8th) and Playa Blanca (9th) in Lanzarote, Spain.

Outside of Europe, Radhanagar Beach in India (2nd place), Corniche Beach in the UAE (4th place), and Camps Bay Beach in South Africa (10th place) made it to the Tripadvisor ranking.

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