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7 exercises that burn more calories than running

7 exercises that burn more calories than running Which exercises burn a lot of calories (photo: Freepik)

Many people quickly try to get back in shape after the holidays, pushing themselves in the gym or with morning runs. However, there are exercises that burn calories better than running. So, you can choose the types of workouts you prefer the most and alternate them, states nutritionist Anastasiia Holoborodko on Telegram.

Exercises that burn a lot of calories

"Running is a great and accessible form of physical activity. It's easy to vary based on your fitness level, and it doesn't require special preparation or equipment. However, it has still accumulated a certain number of myths, such as instant weight loss," writes the expert.

One of the most underestimated facts about physical activity is that even the calories you burn during exercise are a small part of your daily energy expenditure. Energy is spent on both movement and supporting hundreds of vital functions in the body.

There are three main components of energy consumption:

  • Basal metabolic rate or energy needed for the body's basic functioning during rest.
  • Energy used for digesting food.
  • Energy released during physical activity.

"Fortunately or unfortunately, running is not the most energy-consuming type of exercise. For an average-sized person, running at a moderate pace for an hour burns 500-650 calories. But there are activities on which you will spend twice as much," says Holoborodko.

7 Exercises that burn more calories than running:

  • Cycle - one of the most energy-consuming sports, literally burning calories. With moderate intensity, it burns around 1000 kcal/hour.
  • Skiing - more precisely, cross-country skiing with varied terrain requires a significant energy expenditure, around 850-900 kcal/hour.
  • Rowing - not the most common sport in our region, but it helps burn 850 kcal/hour.
  • Jump Rope - this exercise burns 800-850 kcal. Jump rope exercises require increased control and attention as they can be traumatic to the knees and joints. Choose group exercises with a trainer.
  • Kickboxing - a high-intensity workout that burns 700-750 kcal/hour.
  • Swimming - one of the safest and non-traumatic activities. On average, it burns 680 kcal if you engage for at least 45 minutes.
  • Cycling - riding at an active pace outdoors with varied terrain can burn 680 kcal/hour or more.

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