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61-year-old man who looks 38: Secrets of defying aging

61-year-old man who looks 38: Secrets of defying aging Man overcomes aging and looks 38 at 61 (Photo: Collage by RBC)

A 61-year-old man who appears to be around 38 shared how he hacked the aging process, according to the New York Post.

What is known about the man who overcame aging

Dave Pascoe from Michigan worked as an engineer all his life and is now retired.

He shares his complex exercise and diet plans on his website, claiming to take 158 daily supplements.

"I don't desire my healthspan to expire before my lifespan," Pascoe said.

"My aim is to make them as equal as possible. My expectation is to live at the very least to the age of 95 in terrific shape … if not well past the age of 110, God willing," he adds.

61-year-old man who looks 38: Secrets of defying aging

Dave Pascoe is 61 years old (screenshot)

Secrets of youth by American

Asprey says he doesn't set an alarm and sleeps until he wakes up naturally, although this usually happens before sunrise. After that, he performs a morning workout routine, including stretching and taking five minutes on a trampoline.

Later, he brushes his teeth, not forgetting the tongue, and then waits an hour to take 82-morning supplements, including calcium D-glucarate and a vitamin D3 tablet.

Asprey then goes outside for a morning run. Every day, he also does intense weightlifting workouts.

Pascoe makes himself a smoothie from one green banana and chia seeds to fuel up before workouts.

Dave's diet

Regarding the rest of the day, Pascoe notes that he rarely has lunch. Instead, he dines between 3 p.m. and 5 p.m.

The American always eats organic beef, free-range chicken, or wild-caught fish for dinner.

He also eats a variety of colored vegetables and regularly adds garlic, greens, and sauerkraut to his meals.

61-year-old man who looks 38: Secrets of defying aging

Dave eats a healthy diet, including lots of vegetables (screenshot)

Interestingly, Pascoe doesn't count calories.

"By limiting simple carbs most of the time, I eat as much as I want without gaining weight and probably without accelerating my aging process," he claims.

Like his famous biohacker colleague Brian Johnson, Pascoe uses blue-blocking glasses to reduce the impact of light while watching TV or using a tablet.

Before going to bed, he does balance and flexibility exercises and takes another dozen supplements.

By the way, the American millionaire named just one product that extends life.

Recall that a dietitian named one thing everyone should do for longevity.

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