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6 signs to indicate fake friendship

6 signs to indicate fake friendship When should you stop communicating with a friend (photo:

Not all friendships bring pleasure. Sometimes it happens that it has consequences for your mental health, and instead of joy, you are constantly nervous.

How to understand that your friendship with a person is not genuine and it is worth ending, according to Psychologies.

A healthy friendship often gives you a sense of support, significance, and recognition. However, sometimes friendship can evolve and change, and you may start to feel that the connection between you and your friend is no longer the same.

That's why it's very important to know when friendship is a source of joy and when, on the contrary, it drains our energy.

It is usually easier to realize that relationships are no longer working when there are no romantic feelings involved. But there are still certain signs to keep in mind to understand that a friendship is coming to an end.

Psychotherapist Bobby Banks recommends focusing on friendships that meet certain important criteria. Among them, you should feel safe, and free to express your thoughts and accept yourself as you are.

You support each other in your achievements and don't compete with each other. You are also able to acknowledge your mistakes and take responsibility. On the contrary, stay away from friendships where:

1. You are the only one making an effort, whether it's in meetings, making plans, or just in communication.

2. You feel emotionally drained when you are with your friend.

3. Your friend refuses to respect your boundaries. Regardless of your reasons for setting certain limits on the time spent together, physical contact, or your need for space, your friend should respect them.

4. You feel lonely and invisible in your friend's presence. This could be a sign that this person is not paying enough attention to what you say or how you feel.

5. They ignore or devalue your achievements. Whether they envy your position or your happiness, the fact that they can't be happy for you could be a sign of a toxic friendship.

6. You don't feel valued or respected. Like in any relationship, certain demeaning and disrespectful behavior towards you can undermine your self-esteem. In friendship, as in love or work, this is a sign of a caring relationship.

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