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6 phrases that quickly reveal manipulator-traitor

6 phrases that quickly reveal manipulator-traitor What phrases does a manipulator-traitor use (photo:

A partner may betray you, but in doing so, they will try to preserve the relationship by all means. And a skillful manipulator will even turn the situation in a way that you feel guilty for someone else's wrongdoing.

How manipulative traitors truly behave and what they usually say, according to Psychology Today.

Treason is the worst

One of the fears for many men and women is being deceived by their partners. Many can cheat for years while skillfully concealing it, as leaving a family or breaking off long-term relationships is extremely inconvenient and difficult. However, when the secret becomes evident and a scandal is unavoidable, manipulations often come into play.

Psychologists conducted a survey among participants aged 20 to 30. They shared how they found out about their partner's betrayal and what happened afterward. Analyzing the responses, experts identified six phrases that manipulators most often use.

What manipulator-traitors say

It's your fault for everything, I lacked attention, care, and love from you.

The purpose of such manipulation is to make the person feel that if they behaved differently, everything would be fine.

Our relationship is very important to me; don't forget that everyone makes mistakes!

Really? Would someone who values family jeopardize its existence?

I had nothing with her/him, just sex without feelings.

The manipulator tries to diminish the significance of betrayal, while your significance is already minimal to him: he doesn't care about what you feel after betrayal.

We can't break up. What will happen to our children, our mutual friends?

Once again, the partner tries to devalue you, pressuring family values, even though they mean nothing to them.

It won't happen again; let's forget everything.

As if you could just erase the guilt from memory. The manipulator is not trying to earn forgiveness; they want you to give them peace.

Let's try to start over, with a clean slate.

Again, the partner doesn't consider your feelings, doesn't ask if you want to start over.

It was also found that women are more likely to blame men for the infidelity, while men more often attempt to devalue with children and family values.

The older the person who cheated, the more actively they try to turn the injured partner into a victim, while younger ones simply asked to forget everything and move on.

Experts believe that if a person sincerely regrets infidelity, they never blame their partner for it.

Moreover, they are willing to make concessions, wait, and do everything to be forgiven. The most crucial aspect of reconciliation is to restore trust, which is a long and complicated process.