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6 mistakes during workout that can cause serious harm to your body

6 mistakes during workout that can cause serious harm to your body Mistakes that should not be made during workout (photo: Freepik)

To live a healthy lifestyle and avoid injuries, it's important to eliminate harmful habits. Some of these habits can cause posture problems and increase the risk of injuries.

Eat This, Not That! portal describes 6 mistakes that can cause serious harm to your body during workout.

Excessive focus on certain exercises

Some habits can harm the body and hinder long-term progress in physical fitness or weight loss. Trainer Tyler Read explained that excessive focus on isolation exercises (such as bicep curls or leg extensions) and neglecting compound movements can lead to muscle imbalance and lack of functional strength.

Over time, these imbalances can cause posture problems and increase the risk of injuries during daily activities.

Chronic slight dehydration

Drinking an adequate amount of water throughout the day is crucial for health.

Chronic slight dehydration, which may not be immediately noticeable, can affect your muscles' ability to recover and lead to a gradual loss of strength and endurance.

Over time, this can contribute to kidney stone formation and even kidney damage due to increased urine concentration.

Excessive stretching

Excessive stretching before strength training can temporarily decrease muscle strength, potentially leading to injury.

Dynamic stretching is typically recommended to prepare for activity.

Improper use of weight belts

If you usually use a belt to support during workouts, beware of improper use.

Belts are usually used to support the lower back during heavy lifts, but excessive reliance on them can increase the risk of lower back injuries over time, as the body becomes accustomed to artificial support.

Random choice of gym equipment

In a good gym, the variety of equipment can be overwhelming, especially for beginners. It's tempting to try everything at once, but it's important to prioritize exercises based on your workout goals.

It's also necessary to consider individual differences and health conditions. What may be beneficial for some could be useless or even dangerous for others.

Consistent workout plan

Consistency is good, but not for workouts. The body adapts to the load, so it needs to be adjusted and increased; otherwise, the workouts will become less effective.

Trainers recommend regularly changing your workout routine, not necessarily frequently, but reviewing the workload at least every few weeks.

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