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Trainer explains why you can't build your glutes

Trainer explains why you can't build your glutes Why you can't build your glutes (Photo: Freepik)
Author: Daryna Vialko

Some people squat to build their dream glutes. However, this cannot be achieved with certain health problems, according to Ukrainian doctor and trainer Uliana Verner.

The main reasons

According to the expert, you won't be able to build your glutes if you have hyperlordosis, stoop, scoliosis, spasms and clamps, and constant lower back pain

These problems result in hypomobility of the hip joint, which is the main one in the gluteus maximus, and it also causes hypotension of the gluteus maximus muscle.

Posture problems can also affect:

  • the presence of permanent swelling
  • the appearance of a second chin
  • lack of pleasant sensations during intimacy
  • sagging stomach
  • sagging breasts
  • headaches

Incorrect exercises

To build your glutes, squats and lunges are often used. These exercises allow you to work with heavy weights and effectively load the entire lower body.

However, since you are extending your knees, part of the load goes to the muscles on the front of your thighs, which are responsible for these movements.

To specifically target the glute muscles, you need exercises where the hips extend under load while the knees remain in a fixed position.

Insufficient load

For muscles to grow, they need to work to fatigue.

If you are training with light dumbbells or no weights at all, it may take about 20-30 repetitions per set to provide sufficient load.

Additionally, consider that over time, your body adapts to the load, and muscle growth stops. Therefore, it's necessary to gradually increase the weight.

Lack of protein and carbohydrates

To build muscle, your body needs building material - protein, which comes from food. Carbohydrates are also necessary as they support the production of anabolic hormones required for muscle growth.

Choose foods rich in fiber: cereals, whole-grain bread, vegetables, and low-sugar fruits.