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6 home remedies to help quickly get rid of dark circles under eyes in morning

6 home remedies to help quickly get rid of dark circles under eyes in morning How to remove dark circles under the eyes (photo: Freepik)

Dark circles under the eyes give the face a tired appearance and add years. While cosmetic solutions are an option, there are more budget-friendly ways to address this issue, according to Eat This, Not That! website.

Green tea bags

Doctor Blair Murphy Rose explained that green tea not only calms, but this healthy product can also help eliminate dark circles under the eyes.

Caffeine, when applied topically, causes blood vessels to constrict, thereby reducing the amount of fluid under the eyes. Green tea also has soothing properties.

Simply use green tea bags as warm compresses. Place one on each eye for about 15 minutes.

Frozen coffee ice cubes

Ice cubes infused with caffeine can reduce under-eye bags by decreasing fluid retention. The low temperature also reduces puffiness.

You can use these ice cubes as compresses to reduce swelling and discoloration associated with dilated blood vessels.

Cold spoons

Keeping two spoons chilled in the refrigerator or freezer is a great way to treat dark, puffy circles under the eyes.

A cold spoon helps constrict superficial blood vessels, reducing puffiness and the appearance of dark circles caused by dilated vessels.

Simply glide a cold spoon gently under the eyes. You can also chill the spoon for 10 minutes and then place it under the eye to reduce puffiness and vascular congestion.

Chilled cucumber slices

Cucumbers taken straight from the refrigerator have the same effect as chilled spoons, as they constrict blood vessels. Additionally, they are anti-inflammatory and contain a high water content, which moisturizes the skin.

Sleeping on two pillows

This can help reduce morning lower eyelid puffiness by preventing fluid accumulation that could gather in the lower eyelid area and emphasize the appearance of dark circles.

Potato slices

Potato slices have anti-inflammatory and astringent properties. A potato enzyme called catecholase, which causes the vegetable to turn brown, acts as an anti-inflammatory agent. The astringent properties of potato help draw out excess fluid and tighten the skin.

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