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5 ways to overcome childhood impressions of parents and find happiness

5 ways to overcome childhood impressions of parents and find happiness Illustrative photo (Photo: Freepik)
Author: Daria Shekina

Much begins in childhood. Often, adults blame their parents and hold grudges against them. But it's important to learn to forgive and leave the grievances in the past, according to psychologist Iryna Kulik's Instagram post.


The expert advises attempting to understand the root of these impressions. Specifically, what life circumstances and experiences influenced the formation of these perceptions about parents.

If you feel resentment towards your parents, it's essential not to keep it to yourself. You shouldn't ignore the fact that you felt bad.

Deepening awareness

Consider how these impressions affect your actions and relationships. Observing how they influence your behavior can help understand your reactions in specific situations.

At some point, allow yourself to mourn and acknowledge that something you lacked in childhood won't be there anymore.


Forgiveness is a crucial stage. Understanding and accepting past negative experiences can initiate the process of releasing these impressions, providing inner peace.


According to the psychologist, it's important to cultivate self-awareness and self-discovery to realize how these impressions impact your beliefs and relationships.


Finding ways to seek support from professional psychologists who can help uncover and work through these impressions is crucial.

The expert added that each person is unique, and views on parenthood can vary. The process of working with parental impressions might be complex, but it can contribute to personal growth and enhance your quality of life.

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