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5 things not to store under kitchen sink

5 things not to store under kitchen sink Illustrative photo (Freepik)
Author: Maria Kholina

Storage space under your kitchen sink can be incredibly useful for keeping all sorts of items handy. However, not all items are meant to be stored in there, according to the Eating Well.

Small household appliances

Moisture and electrical appliances don't mix well. It can cause corrosion and damage delicate electrical connections, as well as create a safety hazard.

It's best to store small household appliances in a cabinet. And if you don't have space there, shelves in the garage, basement, or pantry will also suffice.

Pet food

Pet treats can spoil in humid conditions. Dry food can develop mold and become unfit for consumption. It's better to store it in airtight containers on pantry shelves.

Hazardous or flammable items

Storing solvents, polishes, paints, and cleaning agents under the sink is unacceptable, as they could lead to a fire.

Oily rags prone to ignition should be removed from the cabinet to avoid dangerous consequences. Keep them in the garage, basement, or in cool and dry conditions accessible to adults only.

Paper towels and anything absorbent

Many consider the space under the kitchen sink an excellent place to store paper towels or napkins. However, in case of pipe leaks, they can be partially or completely damaged by water.

Light bulbs

Despite the fact that humidity is not too critical for light bulbs, due to their delicacy, it's better not to store such items under the sink.

Bulbs stored in such places can be easily broken. Moreover, tiny shards under the sink can be challenging to clean up.

Keep them where you're unlikely to accidentally break them.

Thing you can store under the sink

It's always good to have the following items at hand:

  • Waterproof mat at the bottom of the cabinet
  • Sink cleaning supplies and dishwashing detergent
  • Brushes, sponges, and scrapers
  • Fire extinguisher, just to be cautious.