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5 signs social media ruining your relationships

5 signs social media ruining your relationships Illustrative photo (Photo: Freepik)
Author: Daria Shekina

In the 21st century, the influence of social media on our lives is beyond doubt. From how people communicate to why they break up, technology has fundamentally changed the course of relationships.

RBC-Ukraine reports, based on the resource on relationship psychology,, on how digital technologies and social media can disrupt relationships.

How relationships have changed with the emergence of social media

The influence of technology on communication is pervasive, as evidenced by the widespread use of smartphones, social media, and dating platforms. Nearly everyone is an active user of social media, fundamentally altering how relationships begin, develop, and end.

Moreover, the trend toward virtual interaction over face-to-face communication has accelerated, with survey results indicating that most people report communicating more frequently on social media than in person.

The statistics on online dating and subsequent relationships have also surged. Therefore, it can be concluded that the proliferation of technology has played a decisive role in the transformation of modern relationships, reducing face-to-face interaction.

5 signs social media ruining your relationshipsThe significant increase in online dating (Photo: Freepik)

Undoubtedly, there are positive aspects to this phenomenon – couples have the opportunity for shared activities at a distance, such as watching movies via video chat, which influences feelings of connection and support. However, it has also brought significant drawbacks that cannot be ignored.

5 negative consequences of the impact of social media on relationships

Attention distraction and reduced quality of time spent together

The presence of smartphones and other devices can significantly diminish the quality of interaction between partners. Constant notifications, the urge to check social media, or the habit of scrolling through newsfeeds during conversations can lead to feelings of neglect and isolation in relationships.

Such distraction not only diminishes the quality of time spent together but can also undermine the foundation of trust and intimacy.

5 signs social media ruining your relationshipsAbuse of social media reduces attention given (Photo: Freepik)

Misunderstandings due to the absence of nonverbal signals

Digital communication, while convenient, lacks the richness of interaction found in face-to-face encounters, where nonverbal signals such as body language and intonation play a crucial role in understanding and empathy.

Text messages can easily be misinterpreted even with emojis, leading to misunderstandings and conflicts that could have been avoided in a personal meeting. Meanwhile, voice messages, which might seem to resolve issues of intonation, are not always convenient for listening – and long, detailed messages are not well-received due to attention distraction.

Communication primarily through social media requires a heightened awareness of these limitations and a proactive approach to clarifying each other's intentions and feelings.

Diminished emotional connections due to dependence on social media

When online communication predominates, there is a risk that relationships may become superficial, lacking the depth fostered by physical presence and emotional exchange.

For example, excessive reliance on text messages can lead to decreased emotional intimacy, as they often fail to convey the full spectrum of emotions. This underscores the importance of balancing online interaction with personal face-to-face communication.

5 signs social media ruining your relationshipsAbusing social media worsens emotional connection (Photo: Freepik)

Jealousy induced by social media and unrealistic expectations

Social media can create unrealistic standards, as people tend to share only the brightest moments of their lives, bypassing the display of problematic or mundane moments.

Such distorted, unrealistic portrayal can evoke feelings of dissatisfaction with one's own relationships, jealousy, and envy, causing individuals to forget about individual relationship development and needs.

The impact of social media on real relationship satisfaction is immense, as they can easily distort perceptions of what healthy and fulfilling relationships truly entail – with understanding, support, and conflict resolution.

Privacy violations and erosion of trust

Easy access to personal information and the temptation to monitor a partner's online activity can lead not only to personal boundary violations but also to deteriorating trust, jealousy, and ultimately, psychological violence.

Whether it's reading messages without permission or tracking a partner's whereabouts, such actions can undermine the foundation of trust upon which relationships are built.

5 signs social media ruining your relationshipsAbusing social media worsens emotional connection (Photo: Freepik)

While this rather underscores existing problems, such as insufficient communication, self-esteem issues, and misunderstandings, social media options can significantly exacerbate them, or even become a tool for control.

Thus, it emphasizes the need to establish boundaries and mutual respect in relationships – as well as the need for balance in social media usage and seeking the help of a family psychologist in case of conflict resolution difficulties.

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