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5 reasons why you always feel cold

5 reasons why you always feel cold 5 reasons why you always feel cold (Freepik)

There is a type of people who are constantly or sometimes cold. They can't even sleep without warm socks in the summer. Women, with a more delicate body structure and less muscle mass, are more sensitive to the cold. But such a condition may indicate disruptions in the body's functioning, according to nutritionist Vira Kuryn.

Poor circulation

The main reason for being cold is poor circulation. The limbs are poorly supplied with blood, which is why they feel cold.

It is important to understand that poor circulation results not only in feeling cold but also in a poor supply of nutrients and the removal of waste products. Therefore, it is important to monitor lipid levels.

Reduced thyroid gland function

The nutritionist mentions that this often occurs even with normal blood test results.

Thyroid hormones are responsible for metabolism and heat.

"How to improve: iodine, selenium, as a basis. The rest should be discussed with a specialist after consultation," the message says.


Even high hemoglobin levels do not exclude anemia. Coldness often occurs because of iron deficiency and overall energy levels can decrease.

First and foremost, it is necessary to understand and address the underlying cause of the developed deficiency. It is also advisable to know the homocysteine level.

Energy deficiency

To generate heat, energy is required, "that is the same molecule ATP that warms us up." In fact, the greater the temperature difference between the comfortable environment and the outside, the more energy is consumed.

Mitochondria are responsible for energy production.

Carnitine, CoQ10, vitamin D, and Omega 3 can help.

Raynaud syndrome

Raynaud syndrome is a condition in which blood vessels excessively react to cold temperatures or emotional stress. In such conditions, the fingers of the hands or feet often become cold.

The skin may start to become pale and red in certain areas. In most cases, the cause of the syndrome is unknown.

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