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5 interior trends making your home 'old-fashioned'

5 interior trends making your home 'old-fashioned' What interior trends should be avoided (illustrative photo: Freepik)

Designers have analyzed all interior trends of 2024 and identified the worst ones to avoid if you don't want to make your home outdated, according to Express.

Extreme stripes

In 2024, the trend of stripes has made a comeback. However, they require moderation and careful selection of color palette. A striped carpet can be a nice touch, but bold stripes on the walls can turn your home into a "circus arena".

Interior designer Sophie Clemson recommends leaning towards another trend of 2024 - arches.

"Arches and curves can help soften a room and take away harsh lines. This could be in the form of an architectural feature, such as an arched doorway, or more subtle accessories, including arched floor mirrors," the expert stated.

5 interior trends making your home 'old-fashioned'Stripes should be avoided in the decor (photo: Freepik)

Texture overload

Several textures can make a room cozy and lively, but too many textures can turn a home into a dated space.

"Introduce a few different textures and shapes, like reeded panelling or fluting, mixed with stones like marble and travertine for a beautiful interior palette that isn’t too electric," advises designer Holly Dolan.

Accessories in bright metallic colors are another great way to achieve a mix of textures without overwhelming the space.

5 interior trends making your home 'old-fashioned'Do not overload your space with different textures (photo: Freepik)

Perfect symmetry

"Gone are the days when walls or furniture have to be perfectly symmetrical to work. 2024 is the time to take inspiration from the laid-back nature of 1970s interior design. Replace overly neat lines with curved and organic silhouettes and introduce variety with different textures and shapes," Holly says.

5 interior trends making your home 'old-fashioned'Avoid symmetrical interior (photo: Freepik)

Social media trends

During space design, it's easy to fall into short-lived trends popularized on social media, which quickly go out of fashion.

"I always advise my clients against buying expensive furniture, wallpaper and textiles in on-trend fabric patterns and colours. It’s a better plan to utilise cheaper items, like cushions, throws and blinds, to showcase these patterns and stick to a block colour for other things," designer Nicola Rodriguez advises.

5 interior trends making your home 'old-fashioned'Avoid social media trends (photo: Freepik)

Brown colors

Although the color palette of 2024 is filled with earthy neutrals and coppery-orange tones, brown can be a particularly challenging color to style.

If you're using brown in your home, mix it with light accessories and furniture to "soften" it.

5 interior trends making your home 'old-fashioned'Brown color should be complemented with light elements (photo: Freepik)

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