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5 foods that should never be reheated in microwave: Surprising list

5 foods that should never be reheated in microwave: Surprising list Illustrative photo (Photo: Freepik)
Author: Daria Shekina

Microwaves is a versatile and common kitchen appliance used by almost everyone. However, not everyone knows that not all food can be reheated using this method. This is because reheating certain foods can pose health risks, reports the Onlymyhealth website.


According to the executive body of the UK Department of Health, rice leftovers may contain bacterial spores that survive after the initial cooking phase.

Experts warn that if reheated improperly, these spores can proliferate, increasing the risk of food poisoning. If reheating rice, do it quickly.


Incorrect reheating can promote the growth of harmful bacteria due to inadequate temperatures. Heating chicken to an internal temperature of 74°C is crucial to avoid health risks.

Tissue structures can be disrupted, releasing carcinogens, and there's a risk of food poisoning.

Spinach and leafy greens

This pertains to dishes with greens. It's essential to remember that reheating may lead to the loss of their nutritional value.

This happens because nitrates in greens transform into potentially harmful nitrites when reheated, causing gastrointestinal issues.

Experts recommend adding greens after cooking for a healthier meal.


It's essential to remember that leaving cooked potatoes at room temperature for too long poses a risk of harmful bacteria growth.

Reheating them in the microwave afterward can lead to food poisoning. Additionally, starch breaks down, accumulating more in the body, leading to fat buildup.


Repeatedly reheating eggs in the microwave can alter their protein structure and cause digestion problems.

Particularly, if reheating eggs, it's recommended to do so at a low temperature or consume them immediately.

If reheating eggs in their shell, it can create a greenhouse effect inside, similar to a pressure cooker. This might result in the egg exploding, and instead of saving time, you'll spend it cleaning up.