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3 reasons why your home full of dust and how to get rid of it

3 reasons why your home full of dust and how to get rid of it Why is there a lot of dust in the house (photo: Freepik)

Dust in the apartment is a common problem that many people face every day. It enters the apartment through ventilation, open windows and doors. Despite regular cleaning, people still face this problem at home, according to Better Homes&Gardens.

What harms body

Excess dust is unattractive and can cause allergies, asthma attacks, and other health problems. In particular, it consists of the following things:

  • dead skin cells

  • wool of domestic animals

  • dirt

  • clothing fibers

It can also even contain harmful substances such as trace metals, antibiotic-resistant microbes, microplastics, and other harsh chemicals.

It is important to remember that dust is not always a sign of a dirty home. Its amount depends on various factors: the season, the number of residents, and the presence of pets.

In addition, dust enters the house through open windows and doors. Shoes, clothing, and pet paws can also bring in sand, contributing to further dust accumulation.

Often, regular wet cleaning does not help to completely clean the house. There are several reasons for this.

High humidity

High levels of humidity create an ideal environment for the reproduction of dust mites and mold. In addition, it leads to dust sticking together.

Experts advise using dehumidifiers or air conditioners to reduce humidity to the ideal level, i.e. 40% to 60%. You can also turn on the air conditioner instead of opening the windows.

Ventilation systems

When dust enters the house, the system must suck its particles through the ventilation holes and remove them through the air filters.

However, a faulty heating and ventilation system will cause the house to be more alert than usual. Therefore, you should always monitor the condition of the heating and ventilation system.

It is also important to regularly replace air filters every three months.

External factors

The cause of dust in the house can be a busy street with active traffic. Many of its particles can enter the house through open doors and windows.

The best solution is to close windows and doors, as well as any other cracks and crevices. Regularly wash carpets, textiles and clean the garage.

Why you can't save on equipment

If you choose a vacuum cleaner, buy a model with a water filter - they collect dust better and prevent it from returning. In addition, they perfectly clean the air and give a feeling of freshness in the house.

Use a polish - it is convenient to wipe the furniture, then the dust "settles" on them much less.