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3 main signs that you are good father for your child

3 main signs that you are good father for your child Illustrative photo (Freepik)
Author: Maria Kholina

Father plays a crucial role in the life and development of a child. A day spent with dad differs from others, often filled with unique joy, laughter, and jokes.

RBC-Ukraine reports on signs that indicate you're a good dad for your child.


According to psychologists, quality communication with children, the ability to listen and express feelings, is crucial in parenting.

Build priorities, listen to what matters to your child. Trust between you and your child blossoms this way. Explain everything calmly, avoiding shouting, to prevent your child from feeling unwanted in your world.

Involvement in life

Active participation in children's lives and shared activities are vital.

Create your own rules, establish "dad's day" with traditions. These moments forge a strong lifelong bond.

Love and support

You're a good dad if you raise children with love and support, helping them unfold their potential.

While dads might not show as much affection as moms, their attitude, communication, should instill absolute confidence - no matter what, dad loves you.

Signs of a man who will become a good father

Maintains composure in any situation

If a man panics and blames you in unpredictable situations, he's unlikely to be a good dad. Observe how he handles emergencies and solves problems, as that can be very indicative.

Respect for women

If you've never heard a man speak ill of his colleagues and friends, it's a positive sign. He'll be reliable, always defending his woman and speaking only positively of her.

Sense of humor and ingenuity

Even when a child misbehaves, a good father won't scold for long but will quickly and clearly explain why it's best not to do it again.

It's crucial for a man to feel that his woman believes in him, as that helps with the confidence.