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2024 horoscope: What awaits each zodiac sign this year

2024 horoscope: What awaits each zodiac sign this year Illustrative photo (Photo: Freepik)
Author: Daria Shekina

Astrology is a very intriguing science that, thanks to astrologers, can provide a good and accurate forecast for the year in general or for each individual zodiac sign.

Astrologer Olha Maslova reports on what people can expect in 2024.

2024 promises: What the year holds

Year 2024 is about stability. Signs that will be very lucky in 2024:

  • Gemini
  • Taurus
  • Aquarius (ascendant-based)

From May, Jupiter will move into Gemini, bringing more luxury, opportunities, and success into everyone's life. Learning something new is recommended. It's a great period for bloggers, teachers, and anyone sharing knowledge. We'll want to expand our horizons and explore something new!

Sitting idle and observing won't be an option. If you do, you'll feel compelled to take action. The desire to shine will awaken.

Dark corridor: Not planning anything important:

  • From March 25 to April 8
  • From September 18 to October 2

Mercury retrograde: April. Avoid planning anything new. August or November - refrain from submitting documents or signing contracts.

2024 won't be difficult. But it's because 2025 will be super tough. You can prepare yourself throughout the year.

Working just for the sake of work won't cut it. Focus on doing what you genuinely want and expanding! You'll find that you won't fear but embrace the scale throughout the year.

2024 horoscope: What awaits each zodiac sign this yearWhat 2024 holds for zodiac signs (Photo: Freepik)

Horoscope from Olha Maslova for each zodiac sign


In 2023, you experienced increased self-esteem and financial growth. In 2024, you'll continue working on it. Plan a vacation in the summer. Engage in courses to develop new skills and share them with others. It's better to go for 'free work,' choosing conditions independently. You'll crave freedom and travel. Expect a change in your surroundings; choose quality to evolve alongside them.


A desire to spend time alone with oneself will emerge. Take care of your health! Some may wish to change their appearance, and that's great. Solitary yet independent individuals can expect to meet a significant other. Financial success is on the horizon.


Monitor your diet; a year of significant changes and quality moments awaits. You have great aspects now; utilize the opportunities. Don't procrastinate. Some will find new surroundings; some will leave permanently, while new people will be genuine and honest.


Take a breath; all is well with you! You might want to be alone with your thoughts, contemplate a new life plan. Self-development. You may desire 'to sit in silence without interference.' Find a place of strength where you can be alone and be inspired. Someone may start a blog with philosophical thoughts. Retreat or spiritual relaxation awaits some.


Expansion, money, new acquaintances, and useful contacts! 2024 brings a top-notch environment that will inspire. There might be an issue, but people around you will help. Everything will be resolved. While 2023 was a bit depressive, 2024 will be cool. Don't internalize; have a more active social life. If you're facing issues, get out of your thoughts, present yourself to the world, go for walks, or have a great evening. Blogging can be excellent.


We're all coming out into the world. Socializing awaits you, don't shut yourself in. Many will experience growth and elevation. Your mission will expand, and you'll find answers to 'my purpose, my mission.'


A year of travel! Learning, someone will buy property, and there will be a desire for further education. Someone may desire spiritual growth, finding their teacher.


Increased finances!! If you want more, working in partnership with someone will give you more strength and inspiration. Focus not on yourself but on business partnerships. Find your people and soar to catch your investments; you'll invest in cryptocurrencies. Relationships will be stable.


Did you order love? A year of relationships, partnerships, and marriage. Strong and independent individuals will undoubtedly meet very important people. Don't rush to get married. Just enjoy. For business, it's terrific; grow through other people, consult, and sell your services. Business partnerships are excellent for development.


Time for health and procedures. Initially, relax and don't take responsibility for everyone possible! There's a likelihood of burning out quickly, and you'll desire a retreat or seclusion, switching off the phone. Try to balance: rest + work. So that you don't expend more resources on work than you have.


Expect new projects, relationships, love, friends, connections. New projects, the desire to create something new ahead. Someone may have a child. Finally, you'll fall in love for real.


Real estate, expanding the family. Someone will introduce their partner or themselves to the family, and a new family member will appear. At home, you'll want to create beauty around you.