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Two Russian submarines with Kalibr missiles remain in Black Sea: Possible salvo

Two Russian submarines with Kalibr missiles remain in Black Sea: Possible salvo Russian Armed Forces keep missile carriers in the Black Sea (illustrative photo:

On the evening of November 28, Russian occupiers reduced the number of missile carriers deployed for combat duty in the Black Sea due to adverse weather conditions. Two submarines equipped with 8 Kalibr missiles remain in the waters, according to the Southern Defense Forces of Ukraine.

"As weather conditions deteriorate, the enemy has withdrawn surface missile carriers to their bases. Two submarines remain on active duty in the Black Sea, armed with up to 8 Kalibr missiles", as reported in the publication.

Ukrainian defenders warn of the danger posed by the adversary's potential use of these missiles to strike our nation's territory.

"The level of missile threat is assessed as 'high,'" notes the statement.

Military officials have urged Ukrainians to remain vigilant and respond attentively to air raid signals, taking shelter when they are announced.

"The enemy is cunning and audacious. Detecting launches from submarines is challenging. Quickly seek shelter when necessary," emphasized the Defense Forces.

What proceeded this

Despite the severe storm conditions, Russian forces deployed the frigate Admiral Makarov, equipped with Kalibr missiles, into the Black Sea the previous evening.

In the early hours of Tuesday, the aggressors also launched two submarines capable of carrying such missiles.

Russian air attack on Ukraine on the evening of November 28

This evening, a state of alert was declared in several regions of Ukraine due to another air attack by Russian terrorists. The Air Force Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine warned of the occupiers launching offensive drones of the Shahed type, as well as missiles.

Specifically, Air Defense Forces were engaged in the Kyiv and Khmelnytskyi regions to counter enemy drones.

Military sources also reported the detection of enemy missiles between the Odesa and Mykolaiv regions.

As of 23:13, the air alert map appears as follows: [map details not provided].

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