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17 people remain missing after attack on hypermarket in Kharkiv

17 people remain missing after attack on hypermarket in Kharkiv Kharkiv came under enemy fire (photo:

In Kharkiv, 17 people are missing after a Russian attack on the Epicenter hypermarket. These are both employees of the hypermarket and its visitors, according to Kharkiv police.

According to police representatives, among those reported missing are a sales manager in the varnishes and paints department, a senior salesperson and a promoter.

"A total of seventeen people are currently missing. These are employees and visitors of the hypermarket. We have already taken DNA samples from the relatives of seven of them on the spot. To identify the others, we are looking for their families. This is the only way to identify the burnt bodies," the law enforcement officer wrote on Facebook.

Shelling of the hypermarket in Kharkiv

The Epicenter hypermarket in one of Kharkiv's residential districts came under Russian fire today. The occupiers hit it with two guided aerial bombs. At the time of the attack, there were people inside. Currently, 5 people were killed and 40 injured. Read more about the shelling of the Epicenter in Kharkiv here.

In addition, the center of Kharkiv came under enemy fire today. The Russians fired an S-300 missile at civilian buildings, including a supermarket, a shop, a post office and residential buildings. The shelling has already injured 18 people, including a teenager.

Another attack took place today in Kharkiv's Central Park. However, the shell did not explode after falling there. It was defused by rescuers.