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10 amazing places hard to believe they exist

10 amazing places hard to believe they exist Amazing places hard to believe they exist (photo:

Many places on the planet were once dominated by humans but are now swallowed up by nature. Some of them are so unusual that it's hard to believe in their existence.

Here's a list of 10 unique places that will amaze everyone, according to Best Womensmag.

102-year-old floating forest, Australia

The SS Aryfield is just one of the abandoned boats left in Sydney's Homebush Bay. The bay was used as a site to dismantle boats from all over the world. After the bay was closed, some ships stayed there forever. In fact, Homebush Bay became a floating cemetery for decommissioned ships. Over time, the ships became densely forested and took on a mystical appearance.

10 amazing places hard to believe they exist

Floating forest (photo:

Last house on Holland Island, US

This house shows the battle between man and nature. It was built in 1888. For several decades, it was not subjected to erosion, provoked by its proximity to the coastline. But despite all the efforts of the last owner to protect the house, the waters and weak soil pulled the house off the island and into the sea. The house finally collapsed in 2009.

10 amazing places hard to believe they exist

This house was the last building on the swampy Holland Island (photo:

Underwater city in Shicheng, China

The ruins of the ancient city, more than 1,300 years old, were flooded in 1959 on purpose because the local government decided to build a new hydroelectric power plant on this territory. Due to the human fault, the site ended up at a depth of more than 30 meters.

10 amazing places hard to believe they exist

This is what an underwater city looks like (photo:

Abandoned City Hall subway station in New York, US

The station was opened in 1904. It once impressed with its luxury. The station operated for 40 years and was closed due to a sharp increase in the population of New York. Many tourists used to come down to see the abandoned station, but in the mid-twentieth century, it was finally closed for safety reasons.

10 amazing places hard to believe they exist

City Hall subway station (photo:

Salto hotel, Colombia

The Hotel del Salto was built in Bogota, Colombia, in the early twentieth century by the famous architect Carlos Arturo Tapias. It was one of the most luxurious hotels in the country, where the richest and most famous people lived. Due to the growing pollution of the nearby Bogota River, people lost interest in visiting the hotel. Since the 1990s it has been abandoned.

10 amazing places hard to believe they exist

Hotel Salto (photo:

Abandoned military hospital in Beelitz, Germany

The Beelitz-Heilstätten is the place where Hitler was treated after being wounded during the First World War. When the war broke out, the building was transformed into a military hospital. It was considered a leading medical facility for the treatment of neurological disorders and tuberculosis after the end of World War II.

10 amazing places hard to believe they exist

An abandoned military hospital (photo:

Hashima Island, Japan

Hashima Island is a symbol of Japan's industrialization. It is 6.3 hectares in size. It used to be one of the country's underwater coal mines. Today, many buildings have been renovated, and many travelers visit the island eagerly.

10 amazing places hard to believe they exist

Hashima Island (photo:

Abandoned railway station, Abkhazia, Georgia

This station in Georgia used to receive passengers traveling to Russia. Now this 100-kilometer-long railroad is in ruins after Russia started a war there between 1992 and 1993. But even in the ruins, you can still see the exquisite interior of the station, which still reflects some of its former glory.

10 amazing places hard to believe they exist

Railway station in Abkhazia (photo:

New Bedford Orpheum Theater, US

The Orpheum Theater was originally called the Majestic Opera. Its construction began on the day the Titanic sank. Later, many people considered it a bad omen. At its peak, the theater could seat 1,500 people and was used only for the most special events in the northeastern United States. It closed its doors in 1959.

10 amazing places hard to believe they exist

New Bedford Orpheum Theater (photo:

Fishing village on Gouqi Island, China

This island was once one of the largest fishing villages on the archipelago, but it was abandoned due to polluted water and declining catches in the area. Now, nature has completely consumed the buildings that remain in the village. Gouqi has now become an attractive tourist destination.

10 amazing places hard to believe they exist

Gouqi Island (photo: