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10,000 steps or workout? Coach on what is better for weight loss

10,000 steps or workout? Coach on what is better for weight loss Illustrative photo (Freepik)
Author: Maria Kholina

Many people trying to lose weight know that daily activity is very important. But how much activity is enough for weight loss?

Professional fitness coach Viktor Mandziak answered this question in an exclusive comment to RBC-Ukraine.

What is needed for comfortable weight loss?

The expert advises those who are losing weight not to choose between 10,000 steps and workouts.

"Ideally, if you want not only to reduce body weight but also to look good and improve your health, you should have both low-intensity activity, such as 10,000 steps, and high-intensity activity, including workouts," Viktor said.

What does domestic activity mean?

Domestic activity includes all types of physical activities you perform throughout the day, such as cleaning, climbing stairs, gardening, shopping, etc. These types of activities can contribute to weight loss and overall health improvement, provided they are performed regularly and in large quantities.

Here are some key aspects important for understanding the impact of household activity on weight loss:

Calories and energy burning

Many household tasks require physical effort, which leads to calorie burning. Even the usual movements you make while cleaning or doing chores can add to the overall volume of physical activity.

Metabolism and health

Regular physical activity, even quality household activity, can maintain a healthy metabolism and improve the efficiency of calorie exchange.

Opportunity to consume more calories

Sometimes, by performing more physical tasks at home or in the surrounding environment, you may consume more calories than usual. This can help maintain or reduce weight if accompanied by healthy eating.

Supporting overall health

Household activity promotes overall health, strengthens muscles, improves blood circulation, and reduces the risk of developing many diseases, which can contribute to general well-being and physical fitness.