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Brazil's stance on Russia's war against Ukraine

Brazil's stance on Russia's war against Ukraine Brazil remains neutral on the war in Ukraine (
Author: Maria Kholina
Expert: Andrii Melnyk

Ukrainian diplomacy, together with international partners, managed to achieve certain shifts in Brazil's position regarding Russia's war against Ukraine, said Ukraine's ambassador to Brazil, Andrii Melnyk, in a comment to RBC-Ukraine.

Does Brazil take a pro-Russian position on the war in Ukraine?

To be honest, I don't quite share such categorical assessments. This issue cannot be simply categorized 'black or white'. It is true that certain rhetoric from our Brazilian partners, particularly regarding Russian aggression, stirs a range of emotions among Ukrainians. However, over the past few months, with the help of our European allies, who have friendly relations with Brazil, we have managed to influence their more balanced view on the problem of Kremlin's military invasion."

"The visit of Celso Amorim, the chief diplomatic advisor to the Brazilian president, to Kyiv in May played an important role in this process. He is one of President Lula da Silva's closest associates. During his visit, he had a detailed briefing with President Zelenskyy and met with the leadership of the President's Office. We conveyed firsthand information about the scale and consequences of the Kremlin's barbaric war. Additionally, I had the opportunity to hold detailed negotiations with Amorim at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs while accompanying him throughout his day in Kyiv."

"Of course, we have no illusions that we can radically change Brazil's course, but I am hopeful that we can significantly bring our positions closer together. Despite some public statements, this country has supported all the fundamental resolutions of the UN General Assembly condemning Russian aggression, including the one from February 23, 2023. I want to remind that this resolution is based on President Zelenskyy's peace plan and demands that Moscow 'immediately, completely, and unconditionally withdraw all its armed forces from the territory of Ukraine within its internationally recognized borders.'"

Brazil's "peace" initiatives

"I am not aware of any separate Brazilian peace formula. As far as I know, official Brazil denies any intentions of mediating negotiations between Ukraine and Russia. Our position is clear: any possible agreements with Moscow in the future should be solely based on Zelenskyy's peace plan. Period."

How to convince Brazil to side with Ukraine in the war with Russia?

"It is undeniably a very challenging, a kind of Sisyphean task, to persuade Brazil to fully understand the essence of this war of extermination against Ukraine led by the Kremlin. To achieve a better understanding on Brazil's part, we will have to use the entire arsenal available in our diplomatic efforts, despite its somewhat limited resources, both financial and human. In this context, I place great hopes on the possibility of establishing a trusting relationship between the presidents of both countries."

"It is crucial to organize the first meeting between Volodymyr Zelenskyy and Lula da Silva and establish a direct dialogue at the highest level. This could be facilitated by exchange visits. I hope that we can engage the entire potential of Brazilian civil society, especially through the media, in the process of bringing our two countries and peoples closer together."

"While it is too early to say that my next diplomatic mission is a 'mission impossible,' I will do everything I can to transform our relations with Brazil into a genuine strategic partnership, which was established back in 2009 during Lula da Silva's visit to Ukraine. We can do that."