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Zelenskyy chairs key Staff meeting with decisions on Kherson defense

Zelenskyy chairs key Staff meeting with decisions on Kherson defense President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy (Vitalii Nosach, RBC-Ukraine)

President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyн, chaired a meeting of the Staff of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief. Specific decisions on Kherson's defense were made, according to Zelenskyy.

Outcomes of the meeting:

  1. A strategic vision for the de-occupation of Ukrainian territory was discussed, along with concrete steps for its implementation. All plans and calculations for continuing active operations were clarified.

  2. The military budget for the next year was discussed. Ukraine aims to be more self-sufficient in terms of ammunition, missiles, drones, and armored vehicles.

  3. Summaries of the current situation on the front lines in key directions, namely Kupiansk, Bakhmut, Avdiivka, Melitopol, and the left bank of the Kherson region, were heard.

  4. A report on the evacuation of Ukrainians and citizens of partner countries from the Gaza Strip was presented.

Decisions on Kherson

"Specific decisions on the defense of Kherson. There will be reinforcement of anti-air defense, counter-battery capabilities, electronic warfare, and reconnaissance," stated Zelenskyy.

The situation in the Kherson region

After Ukrainian forces liberated the right bank of the Kherson region, a part of the region is regularly under fire from Russian terrorists. The enemy is targeting the civilian population with heavy weaponry, artillery, and aviation.

As reported by the head of the Kherson Regional Military Administration, Oleksandr Prokudin, just in the past day, on November 9, terrorists carried out 97 shellings on the region's territory. As a result, 2 people were killed, and 5 others were injured.