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Why men favor sex with curvier women

Why men favor sex with curvier women Why men choose curvy women for sex more often (photo: Getty Images)

Sexual preferences and attractiveness in romantic relationships involve numerous factors, and one of them is the body of a partner. For many men, a woman's curvaceous figure holds a special charm, and there are several reasons explaining this tendency.

Why men are sexually attracted to women with curvaceous forms, explains business and life coach, and sexologist Vitaliy Kursik.

Firstly, in historical and cultural context, voluptuous figures have been considered symbols of feminine allure and fertility. This stereotype is reflected in numerous artistic works, literature, and cinema. Such forms can be associated with female strength and sexuality.

Secondly, psychological factors play a crucial role in shaping sexual preferences. For some men, voluptuous figures may be linked to feelings of comfort, tenderness, and equilibrium. A woman with voluptuous curves can evoke sensations of protection and luxury in them.

Furthermore, many men believe that women with voluptuous forms exhibit greater sexual confidence and expressiveness in communication. This can intensify and enhance the sexual experience for both partners.

"Therefore, the attractiveness of voluptuous forms in women for men may stem from both cultural and psychological aspects and is the result of a complex interaction of many factors. There are additional aspects that influence such preferences," explains the expert.

Psychological aspect of attractiveness: Some studies indicate that men may feel greater sexual attraction towards women with voluptuous forms due to psychological associations that arise from such figures. For instance, voluptuousness may be seen as an indicator of good health and prosperity, which attracts men looking to start a family.

Sexual expressiveness: Some men believe that women with voluptuous forms display more sexual openness and expressiveness in communication. This can evoke greater sexual excitement and satisfaction from intimate interactions.

Individual preferences: Above all, sexual preferences are largely individual. For some men, the attractiveness of voluptuous forms may stem from personal experiences, cultural influences, or genetic factors.

These aspects complement the main reasons already mentioned and can help deepen understanding of why men may prefer sexual relations with women with voluptuous forms.