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Why Kremlin uses new Redut PMC in the war: Ukraine's intelligence explains

Why Kremlin uses new Redut PMC in the war: Ukraine's intelligence explains Why Kremlin uses new Redut PMC in the war (Getty Images)

Russia uses a Redut private military company to intensify assault actions in Ukraine. However, it is not as widespread as the former Wagner PMC, according to Andriy Yusov, a representative of Ukraine's Defense Intelligence.

"First and foremost, there are no private military companies in Russia. They are called that and use such names, but these are all structures directly subordinate to the Russian special services within the Ministry of Defense, as well as other law enforcement that follow the instructions of the Russian dictator Vladimir Putin," the statement reads.

According to Yusov, they receive funding from official and unofficial budget sources of the Russian Federation, just as Putin himself admitted when discussing the activities of the Wagner PMC that it operated on the funds of Russia. Yusov adds that the same applies to Redut.

Why Russia uses it

Ukrainian intelligence explains that it is to some extent a hybrid instrument that allows Russians to avoid openly reporting losses and to continue recruiting, and mobilization efforts "without disturbing public sentiment unnecessarily, what the authorities fear."

"This also allows Kremlin leaders to deal with potentially dangerous, unreliable, dissenting elements. Well, the history of the Wagner PMC is quite well-known," Yusov said.

Redut fights against Ukraine

The new PMC includes mercenaries, invaders, and killers. Experienced people are in charge, and they are currently recruiting both prisoners and others. However, it is a less extensive project than the Wagner PMC at the time of Yevgeny Prigozhin.

"The mercenaries, including those recruited at detention facilities, are currently involved in intensifying assault actions on the part of the occupiers in certain sections of the front," said Yusov.


Previously, investigative projects Schemes and System revealed that the Russian Redut PMC, whose mercenaries are involved in the war against Ukraine, is controlled and financed by Russian intelligence.

The UK Ministry of Defense reports that the Redut recruits mercenaries in Russia under the guise of "volunteers," including former members of the Wagner Group. The group likely consists of more than 7,000 individuals.