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Why cats sharpen their claws on furniture: Unveiling the mystery

Why cats sharpen their claws on furniture: Unveiling the mystery Why cats grind their claws on furniture (photo: Freepik)

Many cat owners complain that their pet scratches furniture, even though they have a scratching post at home. In reality, the reason behind this lies not only in the physiological need to sharpen claws. Vmiske on Instagram writes about why cats scratch furniture.

Why do cats sharpen their claws on furniture

"Firstly, it's not an act of vandalism, as many might think. Cats need to sharpen their claws physiologically to remove the outer layer that has become dead," veterinarians explain.

Secondly, it's a form of exercise. This way, a cat stretches, strengthens the muscles of the back, shoulder joints, and leg muscles, while also releasing accumulated energy. Often, cats do this exercise after a long nap.

"During this process, cats leave a secret mark on furniture - a scent that is strongly emitted at such moments by the glands of their paw pads. This mark warns other animals - the cat has marked its territory.

"Sometimes, cats seem to intentionally sharpen their claws in an inappropriate place in front of the owner, ignoring the scratching post. In such cases, the cat simply wants attention, even if scolded. So, don't forget to give your cat enough attention," say experts.

How to stop a cat from scratching furniture

If you've already set up a scratching post at home but your cat still scratches the furniture, try treating the surfaces with special deterrents available at pet stores.

Citrus, black pepper, and wormwood are scents that cats dislike but are tolerable for humans. You can also try diluting vinegar or perfumes in water and then spraying it on the furniture. Repeat this treatment periodically.

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