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Why adults get sick in transport and how to deal with it

Why adults get sick in transport and how to deal with it The doctor explained why adults get sick in transport and how to deal with it (photo:

Children often feel dizzy and nauseous in transport because their vestibular system is not fully developed. However, adults also often experience dizziness and unpleasant nausea in cars or buses, which significantly spoils the entire trip.

Why does this happen and how can it be dealt with, explains doctor Yuriy Gaborets.

Why do adults feel nauseous in transport

According to the expert, adults may feel dizzy and nauseous in transport due to desensitization. This means that the body receives a lot of information about changes in body position and compares them with what it sees.

In fact, dizziness and nausea occur because you turn your head to the sides, change your sitting posture often, read a book, pay close attention to everything happening outside the window, or receive a large amount of information in other ways.

How to deal with nausea in transport

In such cases, Yuriy Gaborets recommends refraining from reading a book or watching the news on your smartphone. It's also advisable not to look to the side or around.

"You should only look straight ahead, you can crack the window open. And don't travel on an empty stomach. You can eat something sour, have some biscuits, and drink cold water in small sips," advises the doctor.

He also recommends taking anti-nausea medication an hour before the trip - such as Cerenia, Metoclopramide, or Domrid.

"But remember, they have a lot of side effects and complications. So it's best to practice before the trip - rocking chairs, swings, rocking chairs. And take short car trips. When traveling by bus - sit near the driver, in a passenger car - in the front, in an airplane - near the wing. And try to always get positive impressions from your journey," advises Yuriy Gaborets.

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