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White House refuted claims that Iran planned humiliating defeat by attacking Israel

White House refuted claims that Iran planned humiliating defeat by attacking Israel John Kirby, coordinator of the National Security Council at the White House (photo: Getty Images)

The Coordinator for Strategic Communications at the US National Security Council, John Kirby, has dismissed as untrue claims that Iran was planning to launch a minor attack on Israel on the night of April 14. This strike, according to a White House official, was branded a shameful defeat for Tehran, according to the briefing in Washington.

A representative of the US president's administration pointed out that Iran and various Tehran-backed groups used over three hundred means of attack, including ballistic missiles, during the strike on Israeli territory.

Kirby also noted that thanks to Israel's air defense systems supported by the US and allies, the Iranian attack suffered a spectacular defeat.

Commenting on claims and speculation that Tehran allegedly warned Tel Aviv about the scale of the planned strikes to help Israel prepare its defense and minimize potential damage from the attack, a White House representative emphasized that this does not correspond to reality.

"I've also seen Iran say that they provided early warning to help Israel prepare its defenses and limit any potential damage - all of this is categorically false," Kirby asserts.

Furthermore, the American official added that the information received by Washington through intermediaries did not contain details regarding the Iranian attack on Israel. He stated that Tehran, apparently, was clearly planning to penetrate Israeli air defense and inflict significant damage with casualties.

Iran's attack on Israel

Late on April 13, Iran reportedly began launching dozens of drones and missiles at Israeli territory. It was reported that dozens of rockets were fired, including from Lebanon into northern Israel, prompting the IDF to strike several military structures in Lebanon. Strikes were also conducted in Iraq and Yemen. Western media reported that US air defense systems in the Middle East intercepted several Iranian drones.

In total, Iran launched over 300 drones and missiles at Israel. More about the results of Iran's attack on Israel can be found in the article by RBC-Ukraine.

On April 14, speaking to foreign ambassadors in Tehran, Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabdollahian said that the country had informed several neighboring states, as well as the US, that the strikes on Israel would be limited and aimed at self-defense. However, US officials claim that Tehran did not warn Washington.

Additionally, yesterday, ABC News reported, citing US officials, that at least half of the ballistic missiles launched by Iran at Israel malfunctioned.