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Which areas of body massage should not be performed on

Which areas of body massage should not be performed on Which areas of the body massage should not be performed on (photo:

Massage is used to alleviate pain in specific areas of the body, and it's often recommended by doctors. Although this form of treatment and prevention emerged centuries ago as one of the types of folk medicine. There are various types of massage, including hygiene massage, sports massage, segmental massage, therapeutic massage, and dozens of other types.

Ukrainian doctor Yurii Haborets explains which areas of the body massage should not be performed on.

As the specialist points out, not all areas of the human body are suitable for massage. He listed these areas of the body and explained the potential negative consequences.

Groin area

Massaging the groin area and the inner surface of the thigh is not recommended because there is a concentration of lymph nodes and valves of superficial veins.

Breast glands

The doctor advises against massaging the breast glands under normal circumstances. However, there is one exception - when a woman is breastfeeding and experiences lactostasis.

Thyroid gland

Massaging the thyroid gland and the lateral surfaces of the neck is not advisable because major blood vessels are located there.

Abdominal cavity

Massaging in the abdominal cavity area is not recommended, especially visceral massage involving pressure on the abdominal cavity. Yurii Haborets warns that if there are cysts present, they could rupture, and he recommends only gentle stroking in this area.

Where massage can be done

The doctor also mentioned areas of the body where massage can be done and it would be beneficial for health and muscles. These are:

  • Back
  • Cervical region, back part
  • Outer surface of thighs and arms
  • Feet, hands

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