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When and how to drink coffee for maximum benefit: Expert's advice

When and how to drink coffee for maximum benefit: Expert's advice What you need to know about coffee (photo: Freepik)

Disputes over the benefits and harms of coffee have been raging among scientists for decades, but most people are not ready to give up this beverage. However, by adhering to certain rules, coffee can yield only beneficial effects. Nutritionist Anastasiia Holoborodko on Telegram discusses when and how to drink coffee to maximize its benefits.

What you need to know about coffee

"Caffeine has neuro- and hepatoprotective effects (on the brain, liver) if consumption is not excessive. It improves concentration and the ability to memorize," says the nutritionist.

Caffeine blocks adenosine and directs our system to a more energetic pathway. Coffee doesn't increase energy – it borrows it, altering the release time of adenosine, which later makes us feel tired.

"Caffeine is a plant alkaloid (bitterness). It's not just a stimulant; it's a behavior booster. Stimulates dopamine release in the brain region associated with clarity of thought. Increases acetylcholine, which enhances thinking ability, adapting to mental and physical changes. Acts as an adenosine antagonist, which compensates for drowsiness in the first half of the day," says Holoborodko.

When and how to drink coffee

The nutritionist advises following several rules when consuming coffee to maximize benefits without harming sleep.

Rules for coffee consumption:

  • avoid caffeine for the first 90-120 minutes after waking up;
  • take breaks, sometimes 2-5 days without coffee;
  • an adequate dose - 1-3 mg/kg body weight will provide all the benefits of coffee without nervousness. If you are 80 kg - 160-200 mg is your dose. This is 1.5 cups of filtered coffee or 1-2 espressos;
  • don't drink coffee less than 8-10 hours before bedtime, this is the time for caffeine metabolism inside.

"For those who are overly stimulated by coffee, compensate by consuming an equal amount of water or preferably an electrolyte drink. Also, avoid drinking coffee on an empty stomach - it will provide all the benefits, but also all the fatigue-related downsides," says Holoborodko.

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