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What to eat and drink in heat: Dietitian's advice

What to eat and drink in heat: Dietitian's advice Illustrative photo (Freepik)
Author: Maria Kholina

Many countries are currently experiencing a severe heatwave, typical for summer. Proper nutrition during hot days is crucial for maintaining good health, according to dietitian Oksana Skytalinska.

What to eat during heatwave?

According to the nutrition expert, it's advisable not to eat during the hottest hours, meaning that you can limit yourself to a light snack at lunchtime while having a nutritious breakfast and dinner.

She recommends avoiding animal fats and saturated fats during hot days. This includes fatty meats, lard, butter, and other such products.

"Save these foods for winter when you need to stay warm," advises Skytalinska.

She suggests replacing animal fats with vegetable oils. Additionally, include dairy products, vegetables, fruits, lean meats, and fish in your diet.

It's crucial to ensure your body's cooling system is functioning properly.

"Eating too much can impair our capillaries and hinder blood flow to our organs," says Skytalinska.

During extreme heat, eat smaller portions and opt for lighter choices like salads and fruits to avoid feeling heavy and burdening the digestive system.

"Summer isn't the time for heavy borschts, steaks, or cabbage rolls," emphasizes the expert.

Skytalinska recommends consuming plant-based proteins such as legumes and mushrooms, which are rich in fiber and beneficial gut bacteria.


Stick to plain water and avoid sugary drinks. You can make fruit drinks by simply mixing berries with water and mashing them, no need to add extra sugar.