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Weight loss tips you didn't know about: Coach's advice

Weight loss tips you didn't know about: Coach's advice RBC-Ukraine collage
Author: Maria Kholina

People looking to lose weight often overlook methods that might not be so obvious but are super effective, according to coach Viktor Mandziak.

Three ways to lose weight

Use small plates and bowls

Our perception of fullness and satiety is influenced by how much food we think we've eaten. The same amount of food seems more substantial when served in smaller dishes. Pour soup into a smaller bowl and it will make you feel fuller.

Eat first courses

Water doesn’t make us feel full because it quickly leaves the stomach after consumption and doesn’t contain calories to stimulate various satiety hormones (insulin, GLP-1, leptin, etc.). However, if water is part of the first courses, it’s a different story.

Soups are filling, and people who eat them are usually slimmer. But avoid first courses with mayonnaise and white bread, as they are not low-calorie foods.

Consume more fiber

Vegetables, fruits, grains, and legumes contain fiber, which was recently considered something unnecessary in the diet.

Now we know that fiber is beneficial, particularly for feeding the bacteria in our large intestine, and it’s very important for those seeking to lose weight.

Fiber reduces calorie absorption and promotes satiety through various mechanisms, from delaying stomach emptying to the complex mechanism of the ileal brake.