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Weekly horoscope using Tarot cards

Weekly horoscope using Tarot cards What does the Tarot horoscope promise for all zodiac signs (photo:

Tarot readers have compiled a horoscope for the week from December 11 to 17. Some representatives of the zodiac signs are in for a stroke of luck, while others may face challenges.

What awaits each zodiac sign, according to Hindustan Times.


This week, your focus will be on deep emotional transformations and investing in yourself. You will feel a desire to explore your inner psychological aspects, especially those related to the past.

Reflecting on mistakes will ignite a thirst for personal growth in you. Channel your efforts into self-improvement and enhancing family relationships. At work, there may be a struggle for power and positions.


This week will strongly impact your relationships, business partnerships, and decisions. You will enjoy romance and dive headfirst into passionate adventures. However, conflicts may arise due to differences and misunderstandings.

Strive to create harmony in family life, giving loved ones reasons for joy and happiness. This way, you can recharge with positive energy and easily resolve any issues.


In the coming days, the focus will shift to career prospects, health, and daily tasks. You will be able to achieve your goals and resolve the issues you face. Being organized and orderly will greatly assist you.

Your financial situation will improve, bringing a sense of security and satisfaction. Maintain a positive attitude and try something new.


A wave of creativity will engulf you. Thanks to creative approaches and ideas, you will reach unprecedented heights at work. You may even receive praise from colleagues and superiors.

However, it won't be without some envy. Maintain your composure and don't allow yourself to stoop to the level of those who speak ill behind your back. Conflicts will pass you by, so don't worry.


The new week will bring you challenges. You'll have to deal with family matters and confront longstanding issues. Relationships may become tense, and disagreements and conflicts are possible.

Calmness and understanding will help you during conflict resolution. People around you will demand attention and patience; don't deny them this.


Dedicate this week to communication, skill-building, establishing connections, and even travel. Engaging with people in your field of activity will help you advance your career.

Additionally, you may develop an interest in uncovering secrets. Try to dig deeper, and don't give up if unraveling the whole puzzle doesn't happen at once. Be persistent.


You will be able to find alternative sources of income and overcome your personal financial crisis. Various opportunities will unfold before you, so there's no need to be afraid.

Try to avoid negative emotions and trust the process. It's essential for you to remain calm. Additionally, value your colleagues at work; they will be supportive and helpful.


In the coming days, allocate more time for self-expression and pay attention to your health. Besides working on yourself, you'll need to strengthen your position at work and overcome challenges.

New challenges await you, so be prepared for them. Opportunities for travel may arise during this period. However, be cautious and avoid adventures.


The new week will bring a need for solitude. Some concerns are indeed worth reflecting on privately. Engage in self-analysis.

Possible emotional surges may initially be unsettling, but if you keep yourself composed, you will find inner harmony. If dealing with this becomes challenging, turn to someone you trust for support.


In the coming days, it's worth spending more time with friends. Don't hesitate to enjoy moments of relaxation and warm conversations. You'll be surprised by the positive outcomes that may arise from this.

By the end of the week, intriguing career prospects and opportunities will present themselves. Your efforts will lead to success and maximum profit.


You'll bask in the spotlight of fame. People will surround you with attention and shower you with compliments. However, don't lose vigilance. Focus on your plans and don't let anyone derail you from the right path.

Find like-minded individuals and discuss your ideas with them. Don't forget about family, and strive to strike a balance between your career and personal life. It's crucial because an imbalance can lead to problems.


This week will gift you a lot of energy. You'll be able to conquer new heights and embark on a new venture. Perhaps you should consider acquiring interesting skills.

Enroll in courses or start preparing for new education. Don't stand still and be as active as possible. It will lead to success.

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