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Weekly horoscope for all zodiac signs

Weekly horoscope for all zodiac signs Weekly horoscope for all zodiac signs (photo:

The new week, from June 24 to 30, will be interesting and eventful. Some zodiac signs will have to make a difficult choice, while others will be lucky – joyful adventures and fun await them.

The Cut reveals the weekly horoscope for each sign.


Something new and unexplored is tempting you. However, this week, try to refrain from seeking adventures. It's not worth the risk; sharp sensations will only lead to problems. Instead, focus on work and the routine tasks you've been putting off.


Don't trust your first impression of people. Not everyone is good, even if they try very hard to appear that way. This also applies to situations where someone has triggered negative emotions in you. This week, you'll be able to strip away all masks and understand who is truly by your side.


A conflict is brewing. Most likely, in the coming days, you will argue with someone, trying to defend your boundaries and interests. You are not obligated to sacrifice yourself for someone else's desires. So, fight back if you're ready to take the hit.


This week, you should not be afraid. Act decisively; adventures will help you achieve your goals. Don't underestimate yourself; great victories await you. It's important to dare and take the leap into the unknown.


Joyful events will burst into your life. You will understand the importance of not comparing yourself to others. Allow yourself to live without competition and the pursuit of successes that you don't need. This week will help you realize many things.


Say no to everyone who tries to steal your time. Soon, you will face a difficult choice and will have to decide and think not with your heart, but with your mind. Of course, this may bring some unpleasantness, but everything will pass.


The new week may be a tough challenge for you. Stress and problems will pile up on you like a snowball. If you ask for help and start valuing yourself, you will be able to overcome this black streak without much effort.


In the coming days, a rare opportunity will arise. You will not only be able to tame the chaos around you but also start dreaming. Take a deep breath and don't think that happiness has passed you by. In reality, it's already close by.


It's time for a new life. You should remember what you dreamed of before you got too caught up in trying to find the right path. There is no right path; you just need to learn to be wiser and not chase ghosts from the past.


The new week will bring you interesting events. At some point, you will have to show courage, and at others, you will need to break free and allow yourself what you've wanted for so long. In any case, don't forget about safety; it's really important.


You need to give up falsehood. Honesty and openness will help you overcome any obstacles. And even if it seems to you now that not all plans will come true, it's just an illusion.


You will be able to surprise everyone around you if you start thinking more broadly. Give up the templates and try something new. This week will be fateful for you if you dare to make serious changes.

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