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Weather catastrophe in Ukraine: Snow trap, blocked roads, power outages

Weather catastrophe in Ukraine: Snow trap, blocked roads, power outages Photo: Ukraine was covered by severe weather (Vitalii Nosach, RBC-Ukraine)
Author: Liliana Oleniak

Due to bad weather in Ukraine, power was cut off in 16 regions, and traffic was blocked on 14 highways. People were trapped in the snow on the roads, and military equipment is already being called in to eliminate the consequences.

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In total, 2,019 settlements in 16 regions were de-energized on the territory of Ukraine, 1,370 cargo vehicles were temporarily parked, and 840 cars were towed.

Drivers are urged to avoid traveling in regions where bad weather is raging. If you need help, contact the emergency services at numbers 101 and 102. There are "Points of Invincibility" and mobile heating points in the regions.

Odesa and the region


The situation in the south of the country is the most difficult. In particular, in the Odesa region, snow drifts reach one and a half to two meters.

The Odesa-Reni highway was closed due to bad weather, and restrictions for trucks were introduced on the highways Kyiv-Odesa and Odesa-Kuchurgan.

Rescue workers, policemen, National Guardsmen, and border guards are involved in eliminating the consequences of bad weather. And they even brought in armored personnel carriers.

Near the village of Udobne, border guards evacuated 42 people from buses, including 10 children. With the help of a snowmobile, rescuers rescued 6 people on the Izmail-Reni highway.

More than 500 vehicles were towed, including 14 buses and 12 emergency vehicles. Assistance was provided to 1,624 people, including 93 children. 6 people went to the doctors with signs of hypothermia.

As of 7:00 a.m., 71 traffic accident reports were received by the district police departments, including 9 reports with information about the victims. There were no deaths or hospitalizations.

Problems with heating

All regional large boiler houses, which were turned off yesterday due to power outages, are working and have started supplying heat to homes. In addition to the boiler room on the street Paustovki in Odesa, where a pipe fell at night. It is also known that 111 trees fell due to bad weather in the city.

Power outage and transport

As of this morning, 78 breaks in the contact network of the city's electric transport were recorded in Odesa. The following routes are currently operating:

  • tram No. 17 (only up to the 6th floor of Veliky Fontan),
  • tram number 11,
  • tram No. 12 along the shortened route Slobodsky Market - Oleksiivska Square,
  • trolley bus No. 12,
  • trolley bus No. 7 on a shortened route from St. Architect's Street to the railway station.

On all other routes, electric transport is still not moving due to significant damage to the catenary network. A bus runs along the route of tram number 20.

15 units of special equipment and emergency teams of ME "Odesmiskelektrotrans" were involved in the liquidation of the consequences.

Kyiv and the region

As of Monday morning, Kyiv is in difficult weather conditions. The II - orange level of danger has been announced. Heavy snowfall and strong wind of 22 m/s continue. Blizzards, snowdrifts, and ice on the roads continue.

In particular, in the capital Kyiv, the wind damaged the largest flag of Ukraine. Despite the fact that it was lowered even on the eve of worsening weather conditions, strong gusts of wind damaged the lowered canvas.

Now it is being removed from the flagpole and replaced with a new one.

As of 7:30 a.m., adverse weather conditions did not lead to emergency situations, the situation is under control. The city's life support system is working normally.

According to Kyiv City Military Administration, there were no accidents on gas networks, passenger transport operates according to the regular schedule, and heating points are prepared.

Currently, schools work in a mixed mode - offline and online. Parents decide whether to send a child to school.

Traffic is difficult. The liquidation of the consequences of bad weather is ongoing. For this, the city used:

  • almost 500 units of special equipment;
  • almost 4,500 employees.

Drivers are asked not to drive onto the city streets without an urgent need, not to park their cars on the sidewalks on the roadsides, so as not to interfere with special equipment.

The entrance to Kyiv for large vehicles is closed from 7:30 a.m. until the weather and conditions improve (approximately until 10:00 a.m.).

In addition, 44 overhead lines and 1,033 transformer substations were de-energized in the Kyiv region due to heavy snowfall on the night of November 26 to 27 and wind speed up to 25 m/s as of 09:00.

Power engineers are working to promptly restore the light.

Mykolaiv region

Currently, traffic is blocked on 10 sections of roads in the region, and drifts reach 2 meters. The units of the State Emergency Service were involved in liquidation of the consequences of bad weather 49 times, and 75 cars were towed.

During the day, 99 vehicles were freed from snowdrifts, including 6 ambulances, 290 people were evacuated, including 35 children.

Currently, 10 vehicles and 18 people (all adults) are in traffic jams. There is no threat to human life. Rescue work continues.

So, on M-13, there is a State Emergency Service car with 2 rescuers and 4 civilians in the snowdrift. There is a fuel supply. On the R-75 highway - 2 cars and 3 people.

Also, on P-75, there are 7 units of equipment and 9 people in a traffic jam. It is planned to extract 5 units of equipment and 6 people by 09:00.

Currently, 266 settlements and 29 are partially de-energized in the Mykolaiv region. 12 trees were felled and removed from the roadway. There are no injured or dead.

Cherkasy region

In the Cherkasy region near the city of Kamianka, traffic is difficult. The policemen organized the traffic in reverse mode, about 40 trucks were stopped at the tailings. Rescuers deployed mobile heating stations.

The operational headquarters works around the clock. 202 "Points of Invincibility" have been deployed across the region. More than 130 units of special equipment are used on state, territorial, and local roads. First of all, highways, where significant traffic jams have formed, are being cleared.

Currently, 44 settlements in the region have been de-energized, 16 of them - partially.

Schools are recommended to switch to distance learning for a day or two. All specialized services continue to work in enhanced mode.

Kirovohrad region

In the Kirovohrad region near the village of Velyka Vyska, the traffic jam has been eliminated, and 30 trucks are standing on the side of the road. 164 vehicles were towed, and 293 people received assistance.

Due to bad weather,184 settlements in the region are without electricity.

The movement of all vehicles is prohibited on the section of the M-13 Kropyvnytskyi-Platonove highway. Approximate - until 14.00. Drivers are urged not to leave without an urgent need.

Khmelnytskyi region

In connection with the deterioration of weather conditions in the Khmelnytskyi region, there were disruptions in the operation of electrical networks. A total of 45 settlements were cut off (Khmelnytskyi district - 29, Kamianets - Podilskyi district - 16). 3,872 household consumers and 118 non-household consumers remained without electricity.

17 units of special equipment were involved in the elimination of ice on communally owned streets and roads in certain territorial communities. All relevant services are working.

Chernihiv region

As of 6 o'clock in the morning, residents of 60 settlements in the Chernihiv region remained without electricity. This is more than 23 thousand people.

According to the decision of the Commission on issues of technological and environmental safety and emergency situations in the districts, it is recommended to conduct an educational process in the distance form of education for students who live outside of walking distance, which will make it possible not to use school buses during bad weather.

In the districts, all services work around the clock for emergency measures to eliminate difficult weather conditions.

Kharkiv region

In the Kharkiv region, due to worsening weather conditions, road services are operating in an enhanced mode. There are no complications of traffic on public roads of state and local importance. Works on road treatment with an anti-icing mixture are ongoing.

Residents of the region are urged not to drive vehicles without an urgent need and to be as careful as possible on the roads.

As a result of bad weather in the region, there is no electricity supply in about 2,800 households in 10 settlements of Chuhuiv, Kupiansk, and Izium districts.

In addition, there are applications regarding problems with electricity supply from individual residents of the Barvinkove and Boriv communities of the Izium district, the Blyzniuky community of the Loziv district, and residents of the Kupiansk and Chuhuiv communities.

Poltava region

It also snowed in the Poltava region. Due to the deterioration of the weather in the territory of the region, 437 settlements, and this is more than 18 thousand subscribers, were cut off.

Highways in the region are in passable condition. 158 units of equipment and 211 workers were involved in the work.

Passenger transport operates as usual.

Lviv region

Wind gusts of up to 20 m/s are forecast in the Lviv region. The danger level is yellow. Bad weather can cause damage to power lines.

In the event of damage to power lines, the OVA urges not to approach them closer than 8 meters, as this risks a fatal electric shock.

Residents of the region are also reminded - if trees or branches have fallen due to bad weather, or if you are injured, call the emergency services: 101, 103, or 112.

Donetsk region

In the Donetsk region, due to bad weather, the roof of a school in Myrnohrad broke off.

Weather catastrophe in Ukraine: Snow trap, blocked roads, power outages

Photo: a school building was damaged due to bad weather in the Donetsk region (

Also, in Kramatorsk, some areas of the city were cut off due to bad weather.

The lack of light also caused the shutdown of some boiler houses and pumping stations.

Emergency crews of electrical networks and all other services are working to eliminate the consequences caused by strong winds.

The situation in the occupied territories

Donetsk and Luhansk regions

Due to bad weather, more than half a million subscribers were left without electricity in the occupied territory of the Donetsk region. The same figures were reported yesterday in the occupied Crimea.

As reported by the "Ministry of Coal and Energy of the DPR", more than 40 high-voltage substations, 19 overhead power lines were de-energized, and 525,000 household subscribers remained without voltage.

Meanwhile, 23,874 subscribers remained without electricity in the occupied territory of the Luhansk region, reports the so-called "Ministry of Emergency Situations of the LPR".


As a result of a strong storm, almost half a million people were left without electricity in the occupied Crimea. Half of the roads on the peninsula are closed.

Embankments are flooded, hundreds of trees are felled, roofs are torn off buildings, and constant accidents are recorded on power grids and gas pipelines. At the entrance to Yevpatoria, the sea breaks its banks, and people are being evacuated from the city.

It is also known that there is one dead and 4 injured. In the Crimea that night, hurricane-force winds reached 144 km/h.

In addition, beaches, cottages, piers, as well as the entire coastal line of defense were washed away on the coast. It flooded the trenches and washed away engineering structures and fire positions of the occupiers.

The weather in Ukraine will also worsen today. Snow, sleet, strong wind, and ice are expected in a number of regions.