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Water levels drop in flooded areas - Kherson Regional Military Administration

Water levels drop in flooded areas - Kherson Regional Military Administration Water levels in flooded areas of the Kherson region continue to drop (Photo: Vitalii Nosach/RBC-Ukraine)
Author: RBC Ukraine

Oleksandr Prokudin, the Head of the Kherson Regional Military Administration, during a national telethon that water levels in the Kherson region have dropped to less than 2 meters after the flooding caused by the explosion of the Kahovka hydroelectric power plant.

"Currently, the water level remains at 1 meter and 92 centimeters. The downward trend in water levels continues," he revealed.

However, Prokudin also mentioned that the area of flooded agricultural land in the liberated territory has decreased by 600 hectares. There are still 1,919 residential buildings in 26 settlements that remain submerged in the liberated area.

"There are still 17 settlements on the temporarily occupied left bank," added Prokudin.

The Head of the Administration further stated that the evacuation continues and has not stopped for a moment.

"We are constantly evacuating people from the left bank and our territories. However, as the water recedes, fewer people are leaving," he observed.

According to Prokudin's data, around three thousand people have already been evacuated from the Kherson region.

Flooding in the Kherson region

The water level in the Kherson region rose sharply after the Russian forces detonated the Kahovka dam on June 6. Within a few hours, 80 settlements were flooded. For several days, the water continued to rise, reaching a level of 5 meters in some areas. Subsequently, the water began to recede.

June 15 is the tenth day of dealing with the consequences of this massive ecological catastrophe. Earlier on the morning of June 15, the water level in the Kherson region was recorded at 2.04 meters.