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'War will last a long time': Assault brigade medic's advice to Ukrainians

'War will last a long time': Assault brigade medic's advice to Ukrainians "Valkyria" believes that the war will not end quickly (
Author: Maria Kholina

Valentyna, with the call sign "Valkyrie," serving as a medical instructor in the evacuation unit of the 3rd Separate Assault Brigade, shared her thoughts on the war in an interview with Ramina Eshakzai.

Crucial thing for Ukrainians to understand

This medic rescues soldiers while regularly conducting briefings and sharing updates from the frontlines on social media. Valkyrie believes that the war will not end quickly.

"I want to say that everyone should study and self-improve. Because, indeed, the war will last a long time, and you must know how to react quickly in any situation. Donate, help, provide moral support; it is also crucial for the military," said Valkyrie.

"Війна триватиме довго": медик штурмової бригади дала важливу пораду українцям

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Medic's thoughts about the rear

Recently, she took a vacation and saw civilian life in the rear. Quickly desiring to return and save the military again, Valkyrie noticed that some people in the rear seemed indifferent to the ongoing war in Ukraine.

She emphasized that she doesn't condemn rest and entertainment, as people need to work and earn a living. However, according to Valkyrie, "when you come to Kyiv in uniform, people look at you like you're nothing."

According to the medic, some individuals remember that the full-scale war that Russia unleashed against Ukraine almost two years ago is still ongoing only when another missile attack happens.