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War in Ukraine threatens security of Europe and US - US Secretary of Defense

War in Ukraine threatens security of Europe and US - US Secretary of Defense US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin (photo: Getty Images)

US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, in his address on the second anniversary of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine, called on Congress to support a bill assisting and reported on the US support for Ukraine, according to the official Pentagon website.

"Today, as part of the Ukraine Defense Contact Group, the United States continues to stand with Ukraine, along with international allies and partners, to provide what it needs for its defense now and in the future," Austin noted.

He emphasized that Russia's war threatens not only European security but also countries beyond Europe. According to him, the world will become dangerous if Putin and his supporters decide that they can erase democracy from the map and force free people to live in fear.

In addition, the head of the Pentagon summarized:

  • since the start of Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine, international coalition countries have provided over $87 billion in assistance;
  • the US has provided Ukraine with over $44.2 billion through presidential authorities and the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative;
  • together with partners, they have trained over 123,000 Ukrainians in over 80 locations worldwide;
  • only the US has trained about 19,000 Ukrainian servicemembers on general-purpose forces, special warfare platforms, as well as personnel and leadership skills;

"We support Ukraine's fight for freedom, both because it is the right thing to do and because doing so is central to America's continued security," emphasized Lloyd Austin.

Joe Biden about Ukraine

Additionally, President Joe Biden has stated that the full-scale war in Ukraine poses a threat to all of Europe and the world. He emphasized that Putin must pay the price for his actions, as ten years ago he occupied Crimea and continues to try to erase Ukraine from the map.

Ukraine's ability to effectively fight against Russia depends on the support of the West. Thanks to this support, the Armed Forces continue to engage in combat in the air, on land, and at sea, and victory becomes unattainable without an increase in supplies and the expansion of the range. Iconic weapons have been identified that could change the course of the war.