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Valentine's Day and beyond: Which flowers are suitable for men

Valentine's Day and beyond: Which flowers are suitable for men Some men love to be given flowers (Photo: Freepik)

Despite the common belief in our society that beautiful bouquets are only for girls, giving flowers to men is not only acceptable but even recommended (especially if they love them). Which flowers are most suitable for men and on what occasions they should be given?

During the preparation of the material, the following sources were used: Donpion, ЧЕline.

Why give flowers to men

From a very young age, most boys are taught that flowers are meant for girls on special occasions. However, their natural beauty can be appreciated not only by women. Some men also enjoy flowers, although admitting this preference might not come easily to them.

Etiquette rules do not prohibit giving flowers to men, although it's advisable to first "test the waters" and find out if such a gesture would be appreciated or if it might offend them.

If you're not entirely sure about the reaction but still have a strong desire to give flowers to a man, it's best to do so privately, without witnesses, to avoid causing any discomfort.

What flowers are most suitable for men

The easiest situation is when you know which flowers the man (or guy) you're buying for likes.

However, if the idea of a bouquet comes up suddenly and you have no clue which flowers would be most appropriate, remember that for masculine compositions, plants with "lush" blossoms are suitable.

According to many florists, "masculine" flowers could include gladioli, anthuriums, amaryllises, tulips, irises, roses, chrysanthemums, daffodils, delphiniums, dahlias, sunflowers, peonies, lilies, calla lilies, and even orchids.

Color plays an important role, with shades like burgundy, purple, blue, white, or red being preferable for a gift to a man (although most bright and saturated colors could work).

Darker shades may be more suitable for older men, while younger guys might appreciate a bright and original arrangement.

Additionally, some men may appreciate a potted plant as a gift. This could include a money tree, laurel, lemon tree, bonsai, or anthurium.

Valentine's Day and beyond: Which flowers are suitable for menThe main thing is that the gift should be from the heart (illustrative photo:

What holidays can you give men flowers for

You can give flowers (like other gifts) to loved ones and close ones on any day - for any occasion or just because.

However, if we're talking about a "specific event," it's worth mentioning:

  • birthday
  • anniversary
  • creative events (performing on stage, participating in a creative evening, presenting the results of one's own creativity, etc.)
  • promotion (at work or in service)
  • awards (for sports achievements, military achievements, years of service, etc.)
  • professional holidays (Defender of Ukraine Day, Educator's Day, Lawyer's Day, etc.)
  • return from the army (from service)