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USA may impose sanctions on Georgian politicians due to foreign agents law - Politico

USA may impose sanctions on Georgian politicians due to foreign agents law - Politico Photo: US may impose sanctions over Georgia's law on foreign agents (Getty Images)

The US Congress plans to introduce a bill to impose sanctions on leading Georgian politicians over the adoption of a controversial law on foreign agents, reports Politico.

The document, reviewed by Politico, was prepared by two senators - Democrat Jeanne Shaheen and Republican Jim Risch. They plan to introduce it to Congress later on Thursday, May 23.

The document developed by Senators Shaheen and Risch proposes a travel ban to the US and other sanctions against Georgian politicians accused of "obstructing Georgia’s Euro-Atlantic integration" and being involved in "corruption, human rights abuses and efforts to advance foreign agents law or facilitate its passage."

The document also suggests suspending the US-Georgia strategic dialogue, through which Tbilisi and Washington have cooperated on security and democracy issues.

Additionally, the bill proposes allocating at least $50 million "to support democracy and rule of law projects in Georgia" and initiating investigations into "foreign malign influence" in Georgia.

Law on foreign agents in Georgia

In May, the Georgian parliament, in which the majority is held by the Georgian Dream party founded by pro-Russian oligarch Bidzina Ivanishvili, approved the so-called law on foreign agents in three readings.

The document could infringe on the rights of independent Georgian media and non-governmental organizations that receive funding from abroad. Furthermore, the EU and NATO have warned Tbilisi that passing this law could harm Georgia's integration efforts.

Georgian President Salome Zourabichvili vetoed the controversial law, but the ruling Georgian Dream party plans to override the veto through a parliamentary vote and finally approve the document.

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