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US will stock its army with modernized equipment thanks to Ukraine war aid - The Telegraph

US will stock its army with modernized equipment thanks to Ukraine war aid - The Telegraph Illustrative photo: The US has upgraded its military equipment thanks to the war in Ukraine (Getty Images)

Thanks to providing military equipment to Ukraine, the United States of America has been able to equip its own army with updated technology, informs The Telegraph.

As the source writes, the Pentagon is essentially transferring its old weapons to Ukraine, while receiving funds from the budget to purchase next-generation armaments.

"Quite literally, the roughly $140 billion the United States is spending on Ukraine through the war’s first three years is actually funding a major modernization drive for the US military," the source states.

In particular, the US has provided Ukraine with M-2 Bradley infantry fighting vehicles from the 1990s. In exchange, new BMPs were purchased from the manufacturer. Moreover, as confirmed by the Pentagon, the US army receives full replacement: for every old Bradley donated to Ukraine, the American troops receive one new Bradley with all modern features.

It's interesting that the new vehicles received by the United States were manufactured taking into account their performance in the fields of Zaporizhzhia and Donbas. One of the main innovations is the Iron Fist active protection system, which intercepts missiles and drones in flight.

This system has been previously used in Israel, but its use in the war in Ukraine, where drones have become dominant on the battlefield, prompted the United States to increase investments in implementing active protection systems on armored vehicles.

US aid to Ukraine

In April, the United States announced one of the largest aid packages to Ukraine worth $60 billion.

Today, a spokesperson for the US State Department Matthew Miller stated that the United States will announce the delivery of new arms packages to Ukraine in the coming weeks.