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US tracks Russia's military ties with other countries - Pentagon

US tracks Russia's military ties with other countries - Pentagon Deputy Spokesperson for the US Department of Defense Sabrina Singh (photo: Getty Images)

The US is closely monitoring the military cooperation between the Russian Federation, Iran, and North Korea and will respond to attempts by other countries to strengthen the military-industrial potential of the aggressor state, states Pentagon deputy spokeswoman Sabrina Singh.

According to her, Washington is concerned about the deepening relations between North Korea, Russia, and Iran.

"That is fueling Russia on the battlefield in Ukraine, as they continue to wage this illegal war and kill many innocent Ukrainian civilians," said the Pentagon representative.

Singh noted that the US continues to monitor the situation and enhance cooperation with allies in the region. She also mentioned that Washington provides Ukraine with the necessary weapons for the front and imposes sanctions against those who assist Russia in the war.

At the same time, the Pentagon representative did not confirm information that North Korea has sent its citizens to fight on the side of Russia against Ukraine.

US sanctions against Russia and its allies

Since the start of the full-scale invasion, Iran and North Korea have been providing partial military assistance to Russia in its war against Ukraine.

On May 1, the US State Department imposed sanctions against Russia for the confirmed use of chemical weapons by the aggressor military in the war in Ukraine.

Recently, the US, Canada, and the UK imposed sanctions against Iran. The reason was the delivery of strike drones to Russia.

More details on the sanctions and those affected by them can be found in the article by RBC-Ukraine.