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US expressed opposition to Palestine's membership in United Nations and stated demand

US expressed opposition to Palestine's membership in United Nations and stated demand State Department spokesman Matthew Miller (photo from open sources)

The administration of the President of the US opposes the renewed attempt by Palestine to obtain full membership status in the United Nations. Washington supports the statehood of Palestinians, but only after negotiations with Israel, states State Department spokesman Matthew Miller.

"We have always been clear that we believe... we support the establishment of an independent Palestinian state... that is something that should be done through direct negotiations through the parties, something we are pursuing at this time, and not at the United Nations," Miller said.

He did not directly say that the US would veto such a request from the Palestinians if it were to come before the UN Security Council. Instead, US opposition in the Security Council could block this initiative, given that Washington has the right to veto it.

Palestinian autonomy

The Palestinian Authority was created 30 years ago based on temporary peace agreements in Oslo. It controls limited parts of the occupied West Bank of the Jordan River, but lost control of the Gaza Strip after a conflict with Hamas in 2007.

The leadership of the authority has previously attempted to obtain membership in the UN. In 2011, then-leader of the authority Mahmoud Abbas announced his intention to apply for membership in the Organization.

Meanwhile, on February 26, 2023, the Prime Minister of the Palestinian Authority, Mohammad Shtayyeh, resigned. He explained his decision as a step towards forming consensus among Palestinians on political agreements following the war with Israel and Hamas.