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US announces new arms supplies to Ukraine in coming weeks

US announces new arms supplies to Ukraine in coming weeks Photo: White House National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan (Getty Images)
Author: Liliana Oleniak

The United States will deliver new aid packages to Ukraine soon. The White House believes that American weapons are making a difference on the battlefield in Ukraine, White House National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan says during a briefing.

He says in the coming weeks there will be announcements of further deliveries of significant capabilities to Ukraine.

Sullivan says that Ukraine was in a hole because of delays in sending US military aid. But, according to the White House adviser, Ukraine is strengthening the lines in key places, in particular, stopping Russia's offensive north of Kharkiv.

Sullivan also notes that the United States is supplying Ukraine with ammunition and other weapons. He agreed with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy that more air defense equipment is needed, and the United States is working on it.

The White House adviser emphasizes that the weapons that have been coming to the battlefield on the scale and in the quantity that we've seen over the last few days and weeks have made a difference on the front lines.

US aid to Ukraine

The United States is the largest provider of military aid to Ukraine. In addition, Washington imposes sanctions on Russia, provides financial assistance and political support.

Last year, there were delays in the supply of weapons because Congress could not approve funding for several months. In the spring of 2024, aid resumed.

The United States also gave Ukraine permission to attack Russia with American weapons. However, restrictions were placed on its use. Ukrainian military can strike with US weapons only bordering regions.